Legendary bikes that refuse to die

Bikes that refuse to DIE

In all probability, you would not remember when these timeless machines were launched in India and yet, you spot them at least once during your daily commute. Here are 5 bikes that have been on Indian roads more than 2 decades and yet, they can be seen on roads.

Yamaha RX100

Yamaha RX100
The RX100 is one of the last few two-stroke motorcycles that can still be seen on roads. The RX100 was launched in 1984, and since then it became a rage among enthusiasts and vintage lovers. The lightweight RX100 weighed only 102 kg without fluids while the single-cylinder two-stroke air-cooled engine generated 11 BHP of maximum power at 7,500 rpm. The high revving engine served as a good tool for modification. The RX100 is still popular in the used two-wheeler market because of its heritage and two-stroke power.

Bajaj Chetak

We all remember our first scooter rides and if you have grown up during the 90s, you just cannot forget Chetak. Named after the legendary horse of Rana Pratap Singh, Chetak became an indispensable part of Indian families since its launch in 1972. Modern gearless scooters were one of the main reasons for the discontinuation of the Chetak in 2006. Chetak was powered by 145 cc two-stroke engine before 2002, which was replaced by a four-stroke after 2002 because of the stricter emission norms. The engine used to produce a maximum of 7.5 Bhp that could take the scooter to a maximum of 80 km/h. Chetak can still be seen on roads easily and is a much popular set of wheels among the old-timers.

Hero Honda CD100

Hero Honda CD100
Launched way back in 1985, the CD 100 became popular and economical alternative to the motorcycles of that age. The small 97.2cc air-cooled four-stroke engine produced a maximum of 7.4 BHP and the same engine was later used in Splendor. The CD 100 gained popularity among Armed forced and many of them are still in service. The CD 100 can be easily spotted in both urban areas and villages of India. The simple engine set-up of the CD 100 made it one of the easiest motorcycles to maintain at that time which in turn made it popular in the interior parts of the country.

Hero Honda Splendor

Hero Honda Splendor
Splendor became the highest selling motorcycle in India after its launch in 1994. It replaced the distinguished CD100 and popular Hero Honda Sleek. The Splendor has received quite a lot facelifts since its launch but the original Splendor is still pretty much visible on the roads. Powered by 4-stroke, single cylinder, 97.2cc air-cooled engine that produced a maximum of 7.4 BHP. Hero Honda sold over a million units of Splendor per year for a long time after the launch. Original Splendor on the road is yet not a rare sight even after 22 years of existence.

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350

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The Bullet 350 was the first motorcycle made by Royal Enfield in India. The Classic 350 also holds the record for being in production for the longest time. Launched in 1955 in India, the Bullet 350 was almost identical to the Bullet 350 produced in the UK. The Bullet still has a cult following behind it and has remained unchanged in the form of shape. The original Bullet 350 was powered by 346cc, single-cylinder cast iron engine with 5-speed left foot shift gearbox. The Classic 350 can be easily spotted among motorcycle groups in India. Even though it takes a lot of effort to maintain the vintage motorcycle, the rich heritage behind it is something that keeps it alive even today.


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