Billionaire Anant Ambani spotted in two brand-new Lexus LX570 super luxury SUVs [Video]

Commonly known as ‘Jio Garage’, Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani’s car collection is one of the most envious ones in the country right now. The richest man of India has got almost all of the drool-worthy range-topping luxury cars, which one can ever dream of.

In the past, we have seen several European luxury cars joining the car collection of Mukesh Ambani. Here’s what seems to be a new addition in the Jio Garage in the form of a mammoth luxury SUV from the land of rising sun Japan – the Lexus LX570. What makes the news even more interesting is that Mukesh Ambani has got not one but two brand new Lexus LX570 SUVs in his garage.

In this video taken on the streets of Mumbai, we can see two different footages of two Lexus LX570 SUVs. First comes a silver-coloured Lexus LX570, in which we can see Mukesh Ambani’s youngest son Anant escorted with the Z+ security SUVs in his convoy. The convoy with the Lexus LX570 was going on the sea-side roads of Mumbai. The Lexus LX570 manages to catch all the attention with its gargantuan size and bling from all the chrome bits present on it.

The second footage in the same video is also from the streets of Mumbai, in which we can see a different white-coloured Lexus LX570. Here, this SUV is escorted by a couple of Land Rover Discovery SUVs and a Ford Endeavour, which seem to belong to the Z+ security convoy of Mukesh Ambani. These two clippings clearly show that Mukesh Ambani has added two Lexus LX570 SUVs in his garage, which earlier was known to add in SUVs from only European car makers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Land Rover.

Lexus LX570

Billionaire Anant Ambani spotted in two brand-new Lexus LX570 super luxury SUVs [Video]

Both the units of the Lexus LX570 seem to be the latest iterations of the SUV, which are essentially the third facelifted version of the third generation LX. This SUV is sold in India by Lexus as its flagship vehicle and is based on the previous generation Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 as its more premium version.

The Lexus LX570 is available in a single fully-loaded variant in the Indian market, which is powered by a 5.7-litre naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine. Coupled with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, this engine makes 362 bhp of maximum power and 530 Nm of maximum torque.

The Lexus LX570 is already phased out in many parts of the world, as the Japanese luxury carmaker is working to come up with the all-new generation model of the same very soon.

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