Billionaire builder Niranjan Hiranandani travels by local train to beat Mumbai traffic [Video]

billionaire niranjan hiranandani mumbai local train

Only a few days ago, the mad tourist rush across the country made several headlines. With the rising number of cars on the Indian roads everyday and never-ending infrastructure projects, most city roads remain choked, especially during the peak hours. Here is a video of billionaire businessman Dr Niranjan Hiranandani who travelled by local train of Mumbai to save time.

The video was posted by Mr Hiranandani himself. It shows him waiting at the train platform for the train. Then he gets inside the cabin of the local train along with the crowd. While we have seen numerous videos of overcrowded local trains of Mumbai, it wasn’t the case this time.

Mr Hiranandani even finds a seat in the AC cabin of the train and can be spotted doing some work in his phone. The video also shows him interacting with the fellow passengers. While he did not say how much time did he save by travelling in a train instead of a car, it could have been several minutes depending on the traffic and distance.

Billionaire builder Niranjan Hiranandani travels by local train to beat Mumbai traffic [Video]

The average speed of Mumbai locals is around 35-50 km/h. Many travellers prefer the trains instead of the cars due to the limited road space, which causes slow moving traffic. Mumbai, along with Bengaluru are known for their slow moving traffic, which often finds space on the social media posts.

Hema Malini travelled in metro

Earlier in April 2023, Hema Malini’s surprise ride on the Mumbai Metro highlighted the ongoing struggle with traffic issues in the bustling city. The response from the public to these celebrity train rides was mixed, with some applauding their choice to experience the everyday challenges faced by common citizens. Social media comments conveyed the view that public transportation is becoming increasingly necessary due to poor road conditions, traffic mismanagement, and safety concerns. While some mentioned that Hiranandani travelled in a coach reserved for disabled passengers, as indicated by the signage outside the train cabin, there were also many others travelling with the businessman.

The Indian transport ministry aims to achieve 100% electrification in public transportation and logistical solutions throughout the country, which will include heavy vehicles used for goods transportation. The government’s infrastructure priorities will first focus on waterways, followed by railways, roadways, and aviation. However, considering the rising demand for road-based public transport, particularly railways and roadways, the government will also concentrate on promoting electric vehicles.

In order to reduce reliance on traditional fuel sources, the government plans to increase ethanol usage as a priority. Currently, the ethanol market size is around 20,000 crore, and the government has given permission for its expansion to reach a market cap of approximately Rs 5 lakh crore within the next two years. The government of India is also promoting the public transport system by introducing new modes. However, with the rising population of the country, the capacity is too much.

Despite the fact that India’s public transportation system is still underdeveloped, millions of people rely on it for their daily commutes to reach their destinations.