Billionaire driving India’s first and only golden Rolls Royce taxi [Video]

If you have been following for us for a long time now then you must be aware of the Rolls Royce taxi that we showed you earlier this year. Bobby Chemannur a renowned businessman and a billionaire started the one of its kind tourist package earlier this year that allowed customers free rides in a Rolls Royce Phantom VII LWB if they book a package deal in Oxygen Resorts, a place owned by Boby. A new video shows an interesting person on the driver seat.

The new video shows the billionaire Boby Chemannur on the driving seat of the Rolls Royce taxi that looks distinct because of its golden wrap. A person passing through the area spotted the taxi and interestingly Boby was driving it. There are people sitting inside the Phantom VII and it is not out on a leisure drive for sure. It is quite possible that the driver of this Rolls Royce Phantom was on leave or Boby does not allow anyone else to drive this expensive vehicle that costs close to Rs 10 crore.

This customised Rolls Royce gets a complete golden wrap all around and even gets a different moniker on the grille. There is a picture of Boby Chemannur on the door panels too and he has maintained the same look too. It is not very often that people owning a Rolls Royce in India drive it around themselves. Almost all the Rolls Royce owners in India are chauffeured around but that does not mean that the driving seat is not a great place to be in a Rolls Royce. The car comes with some extremely advanced technology and features like GPS-connected transmission that predicts the turns and changes the gear accordingly. Rolls Royce cars are sure fun to drive as much as they are luxurious.

You can also enjoy a ride in the Rolls Royce Phantom VII for free when you buy a holiday package from Oxigen Resorts. The package allows 300 km of free ride and also a stay of 2-3 nights in the Oxygen Resorts. The price of the package is actually not very much compared to the experience. Experience of being driven around in a Rolls Royce cannot be replicated by any other car. Boby says that the rent of a Rolls Royce car is about Rs 4.5 lakh per driving season of about 80 km around almost everywhere in India. He also says that he is not looking to make a profit from this deal. Instead, he wants to give an experience to the people without burning a hole through their pocket.