Billionaire driving India’s first and only golden Rolls Royce taxi

Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury and many of us can only dream about getting a ride in it in our lifetime. Well, some time ago, a Rolls Royce Phantom in taxi form became popular in India and the videos of the same became viral. Well, that gold coloured taxi is owned by Boby Chemannur, a renowned businessman and a billionaire from Kerala.

Boby Chemannur started this unique experience where he offers free rides in the Rolls Royce Phantom VII LWB. It is part of the deal if someone buys the holiday package at Oxygen Resorts, which is also owned by Boby. What’s interesting in this deal is that the millionaire himself sometimes drives around like a chauffeur and takes the customers for a ride.

The shows the billionaire Boby Chemannur in the driving seat of the Rolls Royce Phantom taxi. It sure does looks distinct because of its gold wrap. Someone passing through spotted the taxi in the area and started recording it. Boby, the millionaire owner of the resort and the taxi was driving it around. In fact, there are even people sitting in the Phantom VII and he was giving them a ride.

While we are not sure why Boby Chemannur himself had to drive the vehicle around but it is highly likely that Boby took the place of the regular chauffeur who might be absent on that day. Nonetheless, it does looks unusual for a billionaire to drive around his customers. There are rumours that claim that Boby does not allow anyone else to drive the Phantom VII LWB around. The vehicle costs around Rs 10 crore at least.

Take a ride in a Rolls Royce taxi

Even you can take a ride in the Rolls Royce Phantom VII LWB taxi for free. Boby Chemannur offers the ride when you buy a holiday package from Oxygen Resorts in Kerala. As a part of the package, you get about 300 km of free ride experiences when you choose to stay for 2 to 3 nights in the Oxygen Resorts. As a part of the deal, this offer makes the ride in the Phantom VII cheapest in the world.

Boby claims that renting a Rolls Royce car will cost anyone about Rs 4.5 lakh for an 80 km ride. He is not looking to make any profit from the deal and only wants the customers to enjoy the experience instead. As experiencing a Rolls Royce cannot be replicated by any other vehicle, Boby is offering the same to the clients who stay in his resort.

Billionaire driving India’s first and only golden Rolls Royce taxi

This customised Rolls Royce gets a complete golden wrap all around and even gets a different moniker on the grille. There is a picture of Boby Chemannur on the door panels too and he has maintained the same look too. It is not very often that people owning a Rolls Royce in India drive it around themselves. Almost all the Rolls Royce owners in India are chauffeured around but that does not mean that the driving seat is not a great place to be in a Rolls Royce.