Billionaire Underworld don Muthappa Rai & his fleet of exotic cars: Range Rover to Mercedes SLS AMG

Muthappa Rai was a well-known personality in the India’s criminal underworld circuit. He passed away recently at an age of 68 years after developing health complications. He was a multi-billionaire and resided in Bengaluru for over 30 years. He was well known for his smooth criminal operations in an era where criminals were usually very uncouth and violent. Rai’s time in the crime spotlight came with the assassination of a rival don, MP Jairaj, in broad daylight in 1990.

Muthappa Rai was a commerce graduate from Mangaluru and started his career as a bank officer at Vijaya Bank. He joined the Bengaluru’s underworld in 1980 ‘by fate’ as he used to put it. He shifted his bases frequently between Mumbai and Dubai until he got deported from UAE to India in 2002, because of alleged participation in underworld activities from there. He has been acquitted in many serious criminal cases mainly due to lack of evidence. In his later years, Rai also claimed that he quit the underworld completely for over two decades. Ram Gopal Verma also made a movie depicting his extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. Although the movie was quite descriptive, read on to find about the cars he owned.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Muthappa’s favourite seemed to be his all-black Toyota Land Cruiser. Amongst all the extremely luxurious cars he owned, he was seen driving around in the Land Cruiser the most. The car is modified with aftermarket accessories like bull bar and auxiliary lamps. Mr. Rai’s Land Cruiser also gets aftermarket alloy wheels. Even the windows of this car are jet black, making the car look quite don-like itself.

Land Rover Range Rover

This is another luxury SUV in Muthappa’s esteemed garage. The Land Rover Range Rover is an older version and is white in colour. Even this car has been spotted out quite a few times. Range Rovers have always been extremely popular with celebrities wanting to make a statement. The car has a significant road presence and also comes with a comfortable cabin.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Mercedes shouts luxury and a separate sort of class. The S-Class especially is known to be an extremely comfortable sedan. The Mercedes Benz S-Class is a flagship sedan from the German manufacturer. Muthappa’s Mercedes Benz was all covered in black and is modified a little bit with five-spoke alloys giving it a complete underworld look.

Mercedes-Benz SLK Coupe

Muthappa’s SLK Coupe was a 2005 classic model where Mercedes offered scissor doors and there is only a handful in India. Even the SLK was all covered in the black paint job. The SLK Coupe was a sensation back then and was viewed as a mid-size sports car and became extremely popular in the international market.  Muthappa has been seen driving this car in and around Bengaluru.

Polaris Sportsman

Polaris is a market-leading brand in the ATV segment and entered the Indian market almost 10 years back. They have an extremely wide range of ATVs to choose from, however, Muthappa Rai’s ATV is a Polaris Sportsman. Sadly, Polaris ATVs cannot be legally driven on public roads in India, therefore this was mostly used inside the house.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is an extremely popular car in the chic urban parts of our country. From businessmen to entrepreneurs, everyone identifies with this car. The Q5 is a mid-size SUV which offers an extremely spacious and comfortable cabin space and strongly built too.

Toyota Fortuner

An Indian mafia such as Muthappa Rai’s garage would look incomplete without an all-black Toyota Fortuner. The masculinity and a dominating road presence make it a popular choice amongst people of power, wealth and authority. No other car has been able to replace the Fortuner in the SUV segment. Muthappa’s Fortuner was mostly used as a security car.

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