Bizarre motorcycle, truck & car crash leave one dead; Caught on dashcam video

In what seems like a bizarre crash involving three vehicles in a place called Vyara in Gujarat, one person was killed and two others have been seriously injured. The dashcam footage of the accident shows how quickly and bizarrely it all happened.

As the video shows, two people on a commuter motorcycle seem to be riding on a highway. Just after they cross an underbridge, an Eicher truck (whose brakes seem to have failed) goes out of control, first hitting a Tata Nano, which is nudged out of the way and then comes directly in front of the motorcycle riders.

Unable to react in time, the motorcycle crashes onto the side of the truck and both rider and pillion seem to be run over. This crash left one of the persons on the motorcycle dead while the other was seriously injured. Police officials have registered a case against the Eicher truck driving and are investigating the matter.

This video just shows the various dangers on Indian roads, and frankly, there’s little anyone can do when faced with such a situation. The truck just barrelled onto the road out of nowhere, and even the fastest reflexes from the motorcyclist wouldn’t really have made a difference.

If the motorcyclist had braked hard and skid, the situation could have been worse as the skidding motorcycle could have gone directly under the wheels of the truck. Commercial vehicle owners need to ensure that their vehicles are maintained properly so that such brake failures don’t occur.

More often than not, brake failures on commercial vehicles are caused due to poor maintenance. Stricter checks from RTOs on commercial vehicles when they line up for their yearly permits could prevent more such accidents. For now though, our heart goes out to the dead rider, who was just caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time.