Woman occupies bus driver’s seat: Tells driver to use ‘some other’ seat [Video]

woman refuses to leave driver seat

Social media is full of bizarre and entertaining videos. Many of these videos are scripted and are made for views and reach. This is likely to be one such video where a lady has occupied the driver’s seat of a bus. When the driver asks her to move, the lady refuses and tells him to find another seat to drive the bus.

A Twitter user named Shirish Thorat shared a video recorded by a local person. The video shows a lady sitting in the driver’s seat of a bus parked at a terminal in North India. When the actual driver returned and asked her to move, she refused and started arguing.

The video mentions that the lady was travelling with her mother-in-law, who found another seat. The driver tried to explain, but the lady continued arguing, and her mother-in-law joined in, asking the driver to sit elsewhere.

Comments suggest the lady claimed the bus was empty, and the driver wanted only her seat. It’s unclear if this was a publicity stunt or a genuine mistake. Toward the end, the driver tried to remove her from the seat, but she resisted, and a crowd gathered to watch. The authenticity of the video is uncertain, and it seems scripted for attention on social media.

Woman occupies bus driver’s seat: Tells driver to use ‘some other’ seat [Video]

There are many such videos online that will show you people arguing without any reason. It is always a good idea to verify such videos to know their authenticity. In India, social media videos have become very popular and there are many who script videos to gain followers, who instead earn revenues for such channels and users.

Many bizarre incidents around

Another strange incident occurred at a busy traffic junction in Vijayawada – Benz Circle. A five-year-old, dressed in a bright yellow shirt and shorts, drove his electric toy car onto the road, causing a traffic jam. The motorists stopped to avoid an accident with the toy car, creating a block on the road. Local traffic police arrived to ensure the boy’s safety.

The kid’s blue electric, battery-operated toy car can be controlled by a remote or the steering. The child, unaware that he had left home, was about a kilometre away. Pedestrians noticed him, and Traffic SI Jagannath Reddy ensured his safety. In the video, the boy is seen crying while the traffic cops try to communicate with him. A crowd gathered around, which may have panicked the kid. The police used an autorickshaw to take the child home. When they arrived, the parents were already searching for him, unaware of how far he had gone.

No one was charged, but the DCP advised the parents to closely supervise the child to prevent such incidents. This situation could have been dangerous for the child and other motorists, as electric toy vehicles are not allowed on Indian roads. Parents need to monitor children with such toys, as they may not fully understand the risks, and it is the responsibility of parents to keep them safe.