BJP Chief JP Nadda’s Wife’s Toyota Fortuner Stolen From Service Center

jp nadda wife toyota fortuner stolen delhi

The wife, Mallika Nadda, of BJP President JP Nadda, faced a distressing incident as her Toyota Fortuner was stolen from a service centre in Govindpuri, South East Delhi. The car, which was entrusted to the driver who dropped it at a service center, and went for dinner. It was found missing upon his return.

BJP Chief JP Nadda’s Wife’s Toyota Fortuner Stolen From Service Center

The unfortunate incident occurred on March 19 between 3 and 4 pm. Delhi Police swiftly launched an investigation upon receiving the report. After reviewing the CCTV footage that showed the stolen car heading towards Gurugram, Delhi police took immediate action. Despite their efforts, the vehicle has yet to be traced.

The stolen vehicle, bearing a Himachal Pradesh registration number, is identified as a white Fortuner with registration number HP-03-D-0021. An FIR has been filed based on the complaint lodged by the driver, Joginder, and the police are actively looking for leads to recover the stolen car.

As the theft case involves a high profile individual, the BJP Chief’s wife, the Delhi Police are under high pressure to resolve the case as quickly as possible and locate the missing vehicle.

Car thefts are very common in India. Here are the top 5 stolen cars of the country.

In case of a car theft, one should follow these steps –

Here’s what one should do if their car is stolen in India:

Immediate Steps:

1. File an FIR (First Information Report): Head to the nearest police station and report the theft. Provide all details like the date, time, location of the incident, and a complete description of the stolen vehicle, including registration number and any unique features. Insist on receiving a copy of the FIR, as this document is crucial for insurance claims and legal purposes.

2. Inform the Insurance Company: Contact the car insurance provider as soon as possible. Report the theft and inquire about the claim process. The insurance company will guide on the next steps and required documents.

Follow-up Actions:

1. Intimate the Regional Transport Office (RTO): This step is essential to inform the authorities about the stolen vehicle and prevent misuse of the registration certificate (RC). The RTO will need a copy of the FIR and claim form to initiate the process of blocking the RC.

2. Keep Records: Maintain copies of the FIR, insurance claim forms, and any communication with the police or RTO. These documents will be required for processing the insurance claim and following up with the authorities.

3. Additional steps: If possible, note down any details of potential witnesses who might have seen the car being stolen. Also, check for CCTVs near the crime scene.

Talking of 2023 vehicle theft statistics, Delhi accounts for 37% car thefts in India.  This number has reduced significantly as compared to 56% in 2022. On average, one vehicle is stolen every 14 minutes in the National Capital Region (NCR), with a daily average of 105 reported cases of car theft in 2023.

Steps to stay safe from car thefts –

BJP Chief JP Nadda’s Wife’s Toyota Fortuner Stolen From Service Center

• Park in a safe spot with CCTVs around
• Hide valuables under the seat, boot or in the glovebox
• Be aware of your surroundings
• Install trackers and anti-theft devices
• Always lock your car and double-check

The problem of rising car thefts in India is a serious concern. By following the above steps one can lower the possibility of her/his car being stolen.