MLA threatens to suspend policeman for issuing challans, following rules: Caught on video

You might have come across an instance when you might have seen policemen not following the rules themselves or taking the matter into their own hands unlawfully, and getting punished for it. However, something strange happened recently in India, when a policeman was scolded by a lawmaker for ‘following the rules’.

Yes, you read that right. Recently, a bizarre incident happened in Sidhauli in Uttar Pradesh, where the MLA of the constituency Manish Rawat scolded a policeman for penalizing common people for not following road safety rules. In a YouTube video from Decode Trend, we can see Rawat scolding the policeman for ‘harassing’ common people by forcing them to follow the rules.

Criticized for enforcing laws

In the video, it seems that the policeman was just doing his duty of following the rules and encouraging the citizens to follow the same rules too, and if they are not doing so, he was rightfully penalizing them with challans. However, it looks like it didn’t go too well with the MLA, who is seen scolding the policeman and warning him to get him transferred somewhere else. The MLA might have done this act to gain the support of common citizens, many of which seem to be not following the rules.

MLA threatens to suspend policeman for issuing challans, following rules: Caught on video

However, instead of getting support, the MLA is criticized for his actions. It seems that the policeman was just following his basic duty, and the MLA was wrongfully taking the matter into his own hands, thus showing his authority and power over the policeman. While the MLA was scolding the policeman for ‘following his duty’, a few other people are seen surrounding the spot and watching the whole act as spectators. It is not the first time that an MLA is seen scolding a policeman, however, a policeman is rarely scolded for just following his basic job. There are also a few lawmakers in the country, who wrongly use their power and authority and break laws.

Even in traffic, we have seen instances when politicians are wrongfully breaking the rules by over-speeding, wrong use of official vehicles, and breaking the usual norms. Not only this, they often support their near and dear ones, if they are caught breaking basic laws like not wearing a helmet, talking on the phone while riding or driving/riding in the wrong lane. We at Cartoq promote safe riding and following the basic laws, and support the policeman in their duty by not confronting them for following their duty.

Politicians also get challans

MLA threatens to suspend policeman for issuing challans, following rules: Caught on video

Back in 2019, a study done on the cars that politicians use showed that most of them violate the laws. A data compiled by Outlook India showed that as many as 18 prominent politicians or their spouse have received the fines. The data is from the Delhi Police official website. Salman Khurshid, a prominent Congress leader has done most numbers of fines and has violated the rules sixteen times. The violations include things including jumping red light, driving above the speed limit and more.