BJP MLA’s son breaks lockdown and rides horse on national highway: Video

The whole country is under a lockdown with a few exemptions for the emergency workers and essential service providers. While the lockdown restricts anyone from going out of the home without a reason, a BJP MLA’s son riding a horse on the national highway was caught on video. The small clip has now become viral on the Internet.

Identified as Bhuvan Kumar, who is son of CS Niranjan Kumar, a BJP MLA from Gundulpet constituency of Karnataka’s Chamrajnagar district. Bhuvan Kumar was spotted riding a horse on the national highway in the middle of the day. The horse rider was without any face mask, which has now become a mandatory accessory to go out in many parts of the country.

The violation was done on the Mysore-Ooty highway near the ITI College. The incident happened on Monday and after the video became viral on the Internet, netizens have shown their concern. Many have asked the authorities to take action against Bhuvan Kumar for flouting the lockdown guidelines.

BJP MLA’s son breaks lockdown and rides horse on national highway: Video

BJP MLA Niranjan Kumar told India Today that he identifies the person riding the horse as his son. He also said that that there is no rule on paper that says  that one cannot ride a horse during this time of pandemic. The MLA also said that he was in Mysore on the day of the incident and he does not know exactly what happened. He further said that he will find out what happened and will take action if there’s something wrong done by his son.

Niranjan Kumar clarified that his family stays in a green zone and everyone is not wearing a mask when they go out. However, people going out of their homes should wear a face mask including his son.

The cops have said that they are yet to register a case and are looking into the matter. The police will first verify the reports and then will find out if riding a horse on the public roads during the lockdown is a violation. The Chamarajanagar SP has said that they will take action only after getting to know if riding a horse on the roads is counted as a violation during the lockdown period.

It should be noted that the state police forces have seized lakhs of vehicles of the lockdown violators who came out of their homes. Currently, there are a few exemptions and new guidelines have been provided for the people using a vehicle during this lockdown period. On two-wheelers, only a single person is allowed while in a car two to three people are allowed depending on the state and area. It is true that no rule has been laid down for riding a horse but since it happened on a public road, it should be considered under lockdown violation.

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