BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj’s Toyota Fortuner hit by a milk tanker

Yesterday morning, BJP MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj, was heading towards his Udetpur Ashram from New Delhi, when is Toyota Fortuner was rammed into by a milk tanker. Allegedly, the milk tanker was coming from the wrong side of the road.

The tanker is said to have first crashed into the MP’s escort car, and then into the Fortuner, nearly crushing it against a tree. The tanker also ran over a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle, injuring the rider. Sakshi Maharaj sustained a cut on his palm, while his driver also sustained injuries. The Fortuner SUV has been badly damaged due to the impact.

The MP has alleged that the milk tanker crashing into his Fortuner was an audacious attempt to kill him. Here’s what he said,

It was an audacious attempt to kill me. The tanker was coming from the wrong side; it first hit my escort car and then rammed into my SUV. My driver applied brakes immediately after the tanker collided with the escort car but the tanker driver didn’t slow down and rammed into my SUV. The police must thoroughly investigate the matter and find out who the owner of tanker is.

The milk tanker driver, Rajendar Singh, has been arrested and booked under the ‘attempt to murder’ charge after the MP’s allegations. Additional superintendent of police of Etah, Sanjay Kumar, has revealed the other charges slapped on the tanker driver,

Prima facie it seems to be a road accident caused by rash driving as the tanker was coming from the wrong side but since the MP filed a written complaint alleging it was an attempt to murder him, the accused driver has been booked under IPC sections 279 (rash driving), 307 (attempt to murder) and 427 (mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees).

Watch out for vehicles coming from the wrong side of the road

Vehicles coming from the wrong side of the road is very common in India. This is a big problem that motorists face on Indian highways. Many accidents have resulted due to this. With law enforcement not strict enough to deter such drivers, it’s in your best interest that you keep an eye out for such errant drivers. Always stay alert, and stick to the speed limit as a slower car/motorcycle is much easier to control. Also, avoid undivided roads after sunset.

Via TheTimesOfIndia