Blind overtaking goes wrong; Motorcycle gets crushed by bus [Video]

Every now and then freak accidents happen on Indian roads. Careless driving is one of the major factors that makes Indian roads extremely dangerous. Here is one such incident that shows how blind overtaking can cause serious accidents.

What happened here?

The video shows a relatively empty stretch of road near Ramanattukara bus stand in Calicut, Kerala. The bus can be seen driving on the road and then taking a U-Turn without any signal or indication. A bike with a pillion rider, which was overtaking the bus from the right-hand side crashes with the bus and the bus crushes one of the riders.

Now some may say that the bike was on the right side while overtaking and the bus is at fault. Looking at the video, we all can make out that both the bus and the bike were at fault. The bus did not give any turn signal or an indication that it was going to take the U-Turn. The bus driver also did not check the mirrors before making the manoeuvre. It is not known how injured the persons are.

Blind overtaking goes wrong; Motorcycle gets crushed by bus [Video]

At the same time, the bike was speeding and did not anticipate the turn made by the bus. It is extremely important to anticipate what other vehicles are going to do in India, as they often do not use turn indicators. It’s unclear if the duo on the motorcycle were wearing properly fastened helmets during the crash although the video does show a helmet rolling away.

Even though the bus driver sits at a high position, the visibility from the bus is quite low, especially with the small rear view mirrors that most of the Indian buses use. Some Indian transport vehicles are not in good shape and it is extremely important to stay alert on the road whenever there is a heavy vehicle around.

Always make sure that you maintain enough distance while overtaking a heavy vehicle, including buses. Most of the time, the brake lights of such vehicles do not work properly. Staying alert near such vehicles can prove to be a life-saving decision.