Blind spot detection accessory for cars that don’t have it [Video]

The blind spot monitoring system is considered an added bonus in vehicles and not a feature that many people care about. However, in hindsight, it is one of the most useful safety features in a car and can prevent major accidents caused by blind spots. This system utilizes sensors to detect and alert the driver of vehicles in blind spots, thereby helping to prevent accidents by providing visual or auditory warnings. It improves overall awareness and reduces the risk of collisions during lane changes or maneuvers. Most older cars come equipped with this feature, and even newer cars have it in their top-spec variants. However, recognizing the importance of this feature, a YouTuber recently installed an aftermarket system in his car and demonstrated the installation process.

The video of the blind spot detection and monitoring system installation has been uploaded on YouTube by Jhampa66 on their channel. The presenter begins the video by mentioning that he will be installing this safety feature on his Volkswagen Polo Highline. He points out that although the Polo has airbags and reverse parking sensors, there is no safety feature for blind spots. He proceeds to show the car from the outside and inside, stating that he will install the blind spot sensors and lights on the A pillar of the car.

Next, the presenter provides a detailed explanation of the blind spot monitoring system and its benefits for drivers. He uses a diagram to illustrate how the system helps avoid collisions with cars in blind spots when making turns. He then unpacks the entire system and showcases the two ultrasonic blind spot sensors, circular drilling hole saw, main computer, and the wiring loom for the system.

Continuing with the demonstration, the presenter shows the system and explains that he will install two indicator lights on both sides of the A-pillars of the car. He also mentions that he will run the wires to the back where he will install the main system brain and connect it with the indicators. He shows the various wires and explains where each one will be connected before completing the installation. Finally, the presenter takes the car for a drive and showcases the installed system.

Blind spot detection accessory for cars that don’t have it [Video]

As mentioned, a blind spot monitoring system is a valuable safety feature in vehicles that offers several benefits to drivers. Here are five key advantages of having a blind spot monitoring system:

Enhanced Awareness

A blind spot monitoring system improves awareness on the road by using sensors or cameras to detect vehicles or objects in the driver’s blind spots. It provides visual or auditory alerts, making drivers more aware of approaching vehicles from the sides and reducing the risk of collisions during lane changes or maneuvers.

Accident Prevention

Blind spot monitoring systems significantly contribute to accident prevention by alerting drivers to vehicles in their blind spots. This helps avoid dangerous situations that could lead to side-swiping accidents or collisions, especially when changing lanes on highways or in heavy traffic where blind spots can be particularly problematic.

Improved Safety

The primary goal of a blind spot monitoring system is to enhance safety on the road. By providing real-time warnings, the system helps drivers make informed decisions and take necessary precautions to avoid potential accidents. This technology acts as an additional set of eyes, especially in situations where visibility may be compromised, such as adverse weather conditions or nighttime driving.

Reduced Driver Stress

Blind spot detection accessory for cars that don’t have it [Video]

Driving in heavy traffic or congested areas can be stressful, and constantly checking mirrors and blind spots adds to the mental burden. A blind spot monitoring system alleviates some of this stress by continuously monitoring blind spots and providing alerts when necessary. Drivers can have more confidence in their maneuvers, knowing that the system assists them in detecting potential hazards.

Convenience and Comfort

In addition to safety benefits, blind spot monitoring systems offer convenience and comfort. Drivers can rely on the system to assist in monitoring blind spots, allowing them to focus more on the road ahead and surrounding traffic. This feature enhances the overall driving experience, providing peace of mind and reducing the chances of accidents caused by unnoticed vehicles in blind spots.

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