Blinded by smoke, XUV driver crashes; Here are the results!

Driving on Indian roads is a tough job. There are just way too many dangers, many of them hidden. Here’s one such incident caused due to an unexpected thing. An accident occurred last week just outside Bangalore where in the driver of a XUV500 was blinded by smoke and happened to rear end a truck.

What exactly happened?

Blinded by smoke, XUV driver crashes; Here are the results!

According to a post made by him, he was cruising with his family on a highway near Bangalore around 8.30 pm at night with the cruise control set at 80 kmph. Since the driver had enough visibility, he continued to carry on at that speed. Suddenly, out of the blue he noticed smoke on the road.

Instinctively, he slowed down. However the smoke began to get thicker and he was then completely blinded by the smoke. The driver did realize that there was a turn and managed to negotiate it only to realize that there was a very slow moving truck right in front that was emitting the massive black smoke stream.

Having very less time to react, the driver obviously stood on the brakes to try bringing the vehicle to a halt. Sadly, he wasn’t successful. He ended up hitting the truck and the divider. As expected, the vehicle stalled, the electronics died and the truck just drove away. The truck driver didn’t even bother to stop.

Blinded by smoke, XUV driver crashes; Here are the results!

He just went on as if nothing had happened.  The impact looks massive but luckily the owner nor his family was injured in this incident. The vehicle really took the impact of the crash pretty well.  The XUV has scored a 4 star rating in the ANCAP and it looks like it has done its job really well.

The reason why the vehicle looks in such bad a condition is due to the fact that it hitting a massive truck, which from the looks of it didn’t have an under guard and hence the A-pillar has taken the impact. While we can argue on why the airbags didn’t open, the fact that even without them, the passengers walked out without any injury says a lot.

Blinded by smoke, XUV driver crashes; Here are the results!

How can it be avoided?

  1. While driving, during the day or the night, if for some reason the visibility drops, slow down. If required, come to a halt, but do so on the side of the road and switch on your hazards.
  2. Never stop in the middle of the road unless your car has broken down and you aren’t able to get it to the side of the road.
  3. If visibility drops, put on the fog lamps and don’t switch to high beam. Contrary to what people think, high beam gets reflected back in smoke/fog and can actually reduce your visibility. Thus the low beam is better.
  4. Keep distance from the vehicle in front. Tail gating is a really bad habit and it will certainly not give you enough time to react in case of an emergency.
  5. If you are driving at night, you need to be extra cautious about invisible vehicles. By invisible vehicles, we mean trucks/autos/buses that do not have working tail lamps or reflector strips.
  6. One more thing to keep in mind is that people in India don’t really follow lane driving, be it truck drivers, car guys or bus drivers. You will come across a lot of slow people on the fast lane and you need to be prepared to expect it.


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