Blu3 Helmet AC coming soon: Check out its performance [Video]

An year ago Bangalore based company AptEner Mechatronics launched a unique product for motorcycle riders. A helmet cooler which was sold by the name BluSnap. It was a huge success and was used by riders in as many as 10 countries. Later they launched a second version version for the same it was called BluSnap2. Now the same manufacturer is planning to come up with a more advanced and updated version of the sme helmet cooler. The helmet cooler will called Blu3 E20 and is most likely to be launched in January 2020.

The video shows a prototype of the final product. It shows how the cooler is attached to a helmet. Note that this cooler can only be attached to a full-face helmet only. Just like the other two versions of the cooler, it has main unit and a filter. what is new in this cooler is a headset. what is a headset doing in a cooler? we’ll explain it in some time.

Installing it is pretty easy. the wet filter goes inside the main unit and the whole unit is then attached to the helmet. The video even shows the temperature difference outside and inside the helmet. The blower can circulate 15 degree Celsius cooler air than its surroundings. Compared to the previous versions Blu3 E20 will have a provision to control the airflow rate and the airflow direction.

Blu3 Helmet AC coming soon: Check out its performance [Video]

Now coming back to the headset that we mentioned earlier. Compared to the earlier versions of the helmet cooler Blu3 E20 now gets an additional feature using which it can synced to your smartphone. The voice assistant on the phone will assist you with various features like the amount of juice left in the cooler, turn on the fan speed, it can even help you use navigation and read your text messages. This feature can be activated by pressing a small button on the cooler. This will come in handy to the riders as they don’t have to stop and adjust the fan speed or take out their phones every time some notification pops up on the screen. The BluSnap2 was priced around Rs 2,299 so it can be safely assumed that the BLU3 E20 will be a bit more expensive. To know how much does this exactly costs we’ll have to wait for another couple of months.