Vlogger reviews BluArmor BLU3 E20 helmet cooler

Couple of years ago, Bangalore based AptEner Mechatronics had launched a very unique product in the market. It was a helmet cooler under the name their brand name BluArmor, which can be used by bikers while they are on the road. The main purpose of this product was to provide cool air to rider inside the helmet. It was an affordable product and later they also came up with more advanced version of the same cooler. They had versions like BluSnap, BLuSnap 2 and BLU3 A10 in their portfolio. One of the latest versions of the helmet cooler that BluArmor is selling in the market is BLU3 E20 and here we have a video from a vlogger who shares his experience with the product.

The video has been uploaded by Mortal Moto on his youtube channel. The vlogger first impression about the product are good. he can be heard saying on video that he has been using it for quite some time and the definitely a good addition. The new BLU3 E20 is the latest product in their helmet cooler range. It is designed in a way to maintain a lower temperature inside the helmet in comparison to the outside world. It is capable of lowering the temperature by up to 15 degree Celsius inside the helmet than the ambient temperature.

The vlogger starts by saying that the definitely improves cools down inside the helmet. He also says that the fan does not throw air directly on to the face of the rider as it can be very distracting during rides. Instead it spreads the cool air evenly on to your face and the speed of the fan can be adjusted as per rider’s convenience. There is sponge that needs to dipped in the water. This sponge is placed inside the cartridge outside the helmet. It sucks in hot air from outside and lowers the temperature by the time it reaches inside. while it sucking hot air, it also stops dust particles from entering the helmet.

Vlogger reviews BluArmor BLU3 E20 helmet cooler

It supports Blueetooth feature and can be control using the app. It also has a mic and speakers that can be installed inside the helmet. This can be used to attend phone calls while on the ride. vlogger was impressed with the audio quality from the speakers and mic. he even says that, it was better than the intercom that he was using before.

Other handy function that E20 cooler offers is quick defogger. which can come in handy to riders during monsoon or winters. The whole setup is waterproof which means rider does not have to worry while riding in the rain. The only con that vlogger could find about this product were the dimensions. The cooler definitely takes up some space at the front. It has a bulky design but, even after having a bulky design it is not heavier than action camera’s that are mounted on the helmet.

The vlogger was pretty impressed with the product and said that he’ll be continuing to use it until something better comes in the market. It is an affordable product and costs Rs 4,999. He feels that it is a value for money product as it cools down hot air, purifies air and also offers Bluetooth connectivity.