BluArmor’s BluSnap2 unboxing & quick review: 6 degree difference!

It was only last year when Bangalore based AptEner Mechatronics launched a unique and first of its kind helmet air cooler under their brand name of BluArmor. It turned out to be an affordable, portable air cooler for full-face helmets and was given the name BluSnap. It went onto become a hit, being bought by riders from as many as 10 countries! Continuing on the success and the learnings, BluArmor launched the updated BluSnap2 device and this is what you see in the video below. You can see the unboxing part followed by fitting it to our helmet. In the end, we did a quick test to see the reduction of the temperature inside the helmet and were quite impressed! Hit the play button…

As seen at the end of the video, BluSnap2 cooled down the helmet to about 30.8 degrees which is a good 6.1 less than the outside temperature. This updated BluSnap comes with numerous changes. For example, the water tank has been replaced by a dunk cartridge which remains wet for about 90 mins. I believe if you dip the ‘dunk’ into icy cold water, the air thrown inside the lid will be even better! Strapping the device to your helmet is also easier now as opposed to the earlier unit which required the rider to use a strap around the lid. The company claims a full charge will allow the device it to run for about 10 hours. Charging is simple and the box comes with a USB cable. We also like the fact that BluSnap2 continues to offer the anti-fog feature and the filter keeps dust particles away.

Blusnap2 Exterior 150005

At Rs 2299, the cost has gone up marginally but the added comfort level makes up for that. You, also get free shipping inside India – more details on the website at And then, there are the cool stickers which that can be used for your lid, laptop and even your mobile! With summers approaching fast, we are sure riders will love this device. Most of us hate commuting to work under the sun and this is where BluSnap2 will make a vital difference. No one loves sweating and this in turn makes you lose your cool and temper in traffic. Additionally, most metro cities suffer from dust and smoke pollution and the device’s filter will keep this away to an extent.


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