BMW 1250 GS gets royally stuck in Spiti: Needs 4 bikers to pull it out [Video]

The Lahaul-Spiti Valley in the upper Himachal region is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Travellers from all over the country visit the Spiti valley and the only way to reach here is taking a road trip. The roads of this region are well-known to be extremely treacherous and that is what makes this place exquisite. Well, what can go wrong in the Spiti Valley? Here is a video that shows a proper adventure touring motorcycle – the BMW 1250 GS.

GS stands for Gelande Sport in German that translates into offroading and road. The 1250 GS is considered one of the most capable motorcycles to do long-distance touring. Well, this video by Srinivas Sri in the Ladakh Club group on Facebook how things can go wrong for even the best long-distance touring motorcycles on these treacherous roads.

The video shows the BMW 1250 GS rider stuck on the road due to heavy slush. A few bikers are helping him out too. However, since it is a mega heavy motorcycle, it requires more manpower to move around. A few other bikers join in too. They lift the 1250 GS and push it out of the slush.

BMW 1250 GS gets royally stuck in Spiti: Needs 4 bikers to pull it out [Video]


Even after getting out of the spot, the rider was struggling to ride through the slush in the video. While the details of the rider are not given in the post, the caption says that it is a Vijaywada to Spiti solo ride. We are not sure if the rider of BMW 1250 GS is solo or with the group of bikers who helped him to get out.

On the side, a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is also stuck and even that rider is struggling to go ahead without any help. A few vehicles are struggling to negotiate the slush patch too.

BMW 1250 GS

While it is true that the BMW 1250 GS sure is a great motorcycle for long-distance touring, it is extremely heavy. The bike weighs around 250 kg and handling it in a slippery situation like slush can be extremely tricky. If you remember the popular series – Long Way Round. They used the BMW 1150 GS motorcycles and both of them fell multiple times and it sure was a difficult job to pick them up again.

That is why it is always a good journey in groups while riding on such heavy motorcycles. It does take a lot of effort to ride these heavy machines through slush since the tyres keep on slipping. And the seat height of the BMW 1250 GS is quite high and that makes it even more difficult.

The video also shows shooting rocks,, which often is an early sign of a landslide. It is always advisable to leave the area whenever you spot such rocks falling from the mountains.