6 Foot Cobra Gets Into BMW 3-Series Sedan: Nightmare Follows [Video]

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A Tamilnadu-based businessman ran over a 6 foot long Cobra on a road, and assumed that the snake was dead. What happened next was totally unexpected. Watch the video to know more.

The sequence of events!

The cobra managed to get entangled in the BMW 3-Series when the car hit it. The Tiruppur-based businessman and his friend in the car got the shock of their lives when the snake made an appearance in the moving car. The businessman pulled over and called fire services to rescue the snake from the car.

The fire department personnel could not trace the snake, and the businessman continued his journey. Soon, the snake made yet another appearance inside the car, terrifiying the businessman and his friend. Unwilling to take any more chances, the businessman drove straight to the BMW dealership.

The dealership personnel tried to scare the snake out of the car, to no avail. Finally, a snake handler was brought  in to rescue the snake, who managed to do it after some struggle. The video taken at the BMW dealership shows the snake handler expertly rescuing the reptile from the BMW 3-Series sedan, but not before some anxious moments.

6 Foot Cobra Gets Into BMW 3-Series Sedan: Nightmare Follows [Video]

Sanjai, the snake handler and conservationist from Coimbatore, associated with Saves Our Snakes organisation, had  this to say about the rescue,

The employees hit the snake. So its bones were broken and it went inside the bumper because it was in pain. So they  pumped air into it. The snake started hissing. This confirmed that the snake was there. So the frontage of the car was removed. Then the cobra raised its hood and stood on the bumper. We safely removed it and released it into the wild after informing the authorities, since it is venomous. I am an artist by profession. I rode as fast as I could  from Vellalur to Elambur. For me, all snakes and people in Coimbatore should be saved.

While the businessman declined comment, the service personnel at the BMW dealership said,

The snake was in the wheel under the chassis. It went to the bottom of the wheel. The conservationist came and  removed it.

It’s not uncommon for snakes to get into parked cars although such an occurence in a moving car is rare, and a freak
incident. In such situations, it’s best to pull over immediately and get experts involved for the rescue. It’s cruel
to try and kill a snake in order to eliminate it from a car.

Also, it’s very dangerous to try and attempt to rescue
or eliminate the snake from a car without expertise in snake-handling. A cornered snake can get very aggressive and
bite with extra force, injecting more venom than usual. So, always get expert snake handlers involved as soon as

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