BMW 5 Series owner gets fined Rs. 5000: Requests cops to reduce it to Rs 100 [Video]

Traffic laws in India were amended last year, which saw a hefty rise in fines for all kind of violations. While there have been incidents where the cops have issued challans worth rupees thousands to the violators in the past few months, there are still many who do not follow the rules and do not abide by the laws. Talking on the phone while driving remains one of the most common violations in the country. Here is an incident where a BMW 5-Series owner was stopped by the cops and was found talking on the phone. He was issued a fine of Rs 5,000 but he requests the cops to reduce the amount to Rs 100-200.

The incident was captured on the video where two traffic police personnel can be seen stopping a BMW 5-Series. The driver stops and continues to talk on the phone. The cops ask the driver that he needs to pay the fine for violating the law but he keeps on arguing with the policemen. The owner says that he just left from home and has to go someplace urgently and ask the cops to let him go. The owner of the car even dials a few numbers and asks them to help him out in the situation but no one talks to the police.

Finally, the driver gets out of the car and goes to the officer in charge. The officer asks him the model of his car and how much the car is worth. After the owner says that it is for Rs 83 lakhs, the policeman says that he will issue a fine of Rs 5,000. To which, the owner requests that them to take Rs 100-200 and let him go. The officer then asks his subordinates what really happened and they said that he was stopped for talking on the phone.

The in-charge officer does not budge and says that the owner will have to pay the fine. This is all in the video and you can see the driver making the request from 4:45 seconds. He made the request a couple of times. However, in the end, the officer issued a fine of Rs 5,000.

BMW 5 Series owner gets fined Rs. 5000: Requests cops to reduce it to Rs 100 [Video]

It should be noted that according to the new updated laws, the fine of talking on the phone is Rs 5,000. The driver was not charged anything extra. However, such fines can be contested in the courts and if the driver thinks that the policemen have fined him wrongly, a judge can reduce or remove the fine. However, since the whole incident is recorded in the video, the driver did not have much of a chance here.

Talking on the phone distracts the driver and can cause major accidents. If a call is important, one should always stop at a safe place and receive the call before driving ahead. In some cases, the cops can even issue a fine for talking on the headphones or listening to the music through headphones while riding a two-wheeler.