BMW 5-Series owner gets Rs 40 lakh bill after car breaks down on waterlogged road

Every year monsoon wreaks havoc in most major cities across the country. While the authorities claim to take of the situation every year, it simply does not happen. A couple from Hyderabad faced a harrowing situation after their BMW 5-Series sedan hydrolocked in the middle of a flooded road. After spending hours waiting for the recovery vehicle, the service centre quoted a bill of Rs 40 lakh for the repairs.

Uday M Teja, the owner of G30 5-Series says that his car was stuck on the service road of the Hyderabad ORR. There was some waterlogging on the road when the couple was travelling to a doctor. The car got hydrolocked. The owner says that his wife is pregnant and they had to wait for hours before the towing service and the recovery car reached the spot to help them.

He also says that 12 BMW cars and 8 Mercedes-Benz cars got stuck in the flooded roads of Hyderabad after a night of rain. He blames the authorities who forgot to make storm drains on the road. Instead, they created 1 feet tall banks that caused waterlogging.

BMW 5-Series owner gets Rs 40 lakh bill after car breaks down on waterlogged road

The owner says that the service centre has handed out an estimated repair bill of Rs 40 lakh. It seems like major components got damaged in the car and hydrostatic locks can be a costly repair as they have to disassemble the engine completely and dry out the water.

The infrastructure of India is definitely showing in the type of cars customer prefers nowadays. The preference has surely shifted to cars with higher ground clearance for similar reasons.

German luxury cars in floods

The luxury cars are not designed to handle such flooded roads. Most of these cars have the air intake positioned very close to the road, which is why they get hydrolocked so easily. Also, these luxury cars have a maze of complex electronics, which can get short in the water. This is the reason why the repair bills of such high-end cars are so expensive.

In the past, we have seen luxury car manufacturers offering special discounts for their customers during the flood season which is more commonly known as the monsoons in India. This year, the monsoon covered the whole country much before the expected time causing heavy rainfalls across the cities. While the government and authorities are building new roads, it is similarly important to ensure that the existing roads are well-maintained so that motorists who pay an immense amount of road tax and toll tax do not have face such situation.

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