Reckless Biker On BMW G 310 RR Crashes Into Toyota Fortuner At Traffic Signal [Video]

Biker crashes into Fortuner

Reckless riding is a common sight on Indian roads. We already know from several examples that Indian roads are not meant for fast riding, as you never know what awaits ahead. Here, we have a video showing a biker riding a BMW G 310 RR motorcycle recklessly on a busy road, crashing into a Toyota Fortuner after the SUV stopped at a traffic signal. The video has already gone viral on the internet, and here is what exactly happened.

The video was shared by “Bikers ka pyar” on their Facebook page. It was recorded on the helmet-mounted camera of a rider who was in the same group. The video shows both the vlogger and the BMW G 310 RR biker riding rashly on a busy road. The BMW biker suddenly applies the brake, and the rear of the bike lifts up. The biker had applied the brakes because he saw a Toyota Fortuner stopped in front of him.

He applied the brakes too hard, lifting the rear of the bike. As soon as the rear went up in the air, the biker lost control, and his bike started going sideways. The biker tried to regain control, but it was of no use.

The bike went ahead and crashed into the Toyota Fortuner. The impact was so hard that the biker was thrown away from the bike and landed a couple of meters away from the bike in the center of the road.

The biker was thankfully wearing a helmet and other safety gear, which saved him from any injuries. He got up, and his group members gathered around the bike. They picked up the bike and pushed it to the side of the road. The signal turned green, and the Toyota Fortuner driver parked the car next to the bikers. A Honda City driver, who had parked next to the Fortuner, also pulled over.

Reckless Biker On BMW G 310 RR Crashes Into Toyota Fortuner At Traffic Signal [Video]
Biker crashes into Fortuner

The car drivers then started arguing with the bikers over rash driving. The bikers initially said that the Fortuner driver had stopped in the middle of the road, causing the accident. However, it was quite clear that the biker was looking for excuses to escape.

After arguing with the Fortuner driver as well as the Honda City driver for a very long time, the bikers decided to pay for the damage. They paid around Rs 3,000 for the dent on the Honda City’s door and Rs 2,000 for the torn tire of the Fortuner.

In this case, the biker was at fault. He was definitely riding fast. Even at the end, we can hear the vlogger say that it is an expensive bike and they would continue to ride fast. That is not the mentality one must have while riding or driving on public roads.

By riding recklessly, the biker not only put his own life at risk but also the lives of many other innocent road users. He was extremely lucky to have escaped the crash without any major injuries. If you want to race or show off your skills, take your bike to a private track or closed road to avoid such incidents.