BMW driver crashes into couple in Ahmedabad, flees: Alcohol recovered from luxury car

In yet another case of hit and run, a young man from Sola, Ahmedabad recently hit a couple with his BMW SUV after being intoxicated. It was reported that the couple was heading towards their home after buying a water gun for their kid when all of a sudden the speeding BMW came towards them and crashed. According to the complainant he and his wife both have suffered multiple fractures.

BMW driver crashes into couple in Ahmedabad, flees: Alcohol recovered from luxury car

In his FIR with the N Division traffic police, Amit Singhal, 44, a resident of Vedant Shreeji near BR Park Crossroads, stated that he sells auto components in Narol. He mentioned that at about 9.30 p.m. on Wednesday, Amit and his wife Meghna, both 40, left their home to purchase a pichkari for their young kid at a party spot nearby.

He observed a vehicle driving from the railway overbridge in the direction of BR Park as they were leaving. Following this, the car then came and crashed with both of them. In his report, he added that he has suffered multiple fractures in his legs and his wife has suffered fractures in her legs and hips.

The complainant revealed that following the crash they saw the car fleeing towards the Shukan Mall Crossroads. He also added in his FIR that they were then taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. Furthermore some of the passerby people also tried to chase behind the car but just 1 km down the road the man who was driving the car abandoned his car and left the scene.

Satyam Sharma, 24, the son of a city builder, has been identified as the vehicle’s driver, according to Ashok Rathwa, inspector of the N Division traffic police. It has been reported that the accused as of yet has not been arrested. Additionally it has been revealed that a bottle of alcohol, a glass that contained whisky, several water bottles, and snacks were discovered in the car, according to Rathwa. He suggested that the driver was probably intoxicated when the accident occurred.

According to reports, the N Division traffic police have filed a case for inflicting severe injuries by risking the life or personal safety of another person, along with additional offenses under the Indian Criminal Code and the Motor Vehicles Act. Sharma was the subject of a separate case brought by Sola police under prohibition laws.

BMW driver crashes into couple in Ahmedabad, flees: Alcohol recovered from luxury car

Prior to this case in October of 2022, another 23 year old was accused of hitting and running from the scene in his BMW sedan. The same man was then arrested by Mumbai Police from Hyderabad Airport. It was reported that Keith Salome Menezes, the 23-year-old prime suspect in the BMW hit-and-run case in Mumbai was fleeing to Dubai when the arrest happened. Mumbai Police has issued a lookout circular, which derailed his plan.

The accused was involved in a hit and run case which took place in August of 29 last year. A resident of Thane by the name of Harry Bastian was hit by a speeding BMW sedan on a flyover on Western Express Highway in Kandivali. Harry was riding a scooter and he flung off the bridge and fell on the road below. He died on the spot and the BMW sedan fled the scene.

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