BMW G 310 GS adventure motorcycle: Real world review from Indian streets [Video]

BMW recently launched the G 310 R and the G 310 GS on the Indian market. While the G 310 R becomes the most affordable BMW bike in India, the attention of the Indian crowd is more towards the adventure bike – the G 310 GS. Here is a first review video of the BMW G 310 GS from the Indian roads by an Indian rider.

What’s happening here?

The video comes from a YouTuber – Strell – who is riding a test bike on the Bengaluru roads. The bike has only been tested on the city roads and no off-roading has been done. It shows how livable the bike is inside the city roads.

The rider says that the BMW G 310 GS is considerably tall for an Indian rider. The rider measures 190cm in height and is still tiptoeing on the G 310 GS. While riding through the traffic, the rider notices that the bike has very fewer vibrations and is much more refined than the G 310R. It is nowhere near the TVS Apache RR310 in terms of refinement. The only vibrations can be felt are in the mid-range.

The rider says that it is extremely comfortable and the high ground clearance induces confidence. Also, the braking power that comes from the front and rear disc brakes with standard ABS is very good. The BMW G 310 GS gets Metzeller off-road spec tyres and are super grippy on the regular tarmac too. The front suspension of the bike is long-travel, that absorbs most of the undulations. The rider also talks about the extremely good build quality of the bike. Coming to the engine power, the rider feels that it is enough for an entry-level adventure bike.

The bike is very tall but is not heavy. The YouTuber says that it may cause a problem for the short riders to take tight turns. However, he was not happy with the 11-litre tank, which is not ideal for a long-distance focussed bike. Also, the full-LCD screen does not show Distance to Empty. The BMW G 310 GS shares a lot of parts with the G 310R and the rider feels that it should have got a different switchgear and an exhaust-can to make it look different.