BMW G 310R & G 310 GS get over 10 % discount: Royal Enfield twins effect?

The recently launched Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650 twins are selling like hot cakes. This has  also resulted in sales of other premium motorcycles in the Rs. 2-4 lakh bracket taking a hit. Many manufacturers are  responding with steep discounts. BMW Motorrad, for its part, is offering nearly 10 % off on the G 310R and G 310 GS  motorcycles. The discount is through a 0 % interest and 0 % down payment scheme, which allows buyers to save up to Rs. 40,000, or more than 10 % of the motorcycles’ on-road price.

BMW G 310R & G 310 GS get over 10 % discount: Royal Enfield twins effect?

While the BMW G 310R is priced at Rs. 2.99 lakhs, the G 310 GS is Rs. 49,000 pricier. Both motorcycles are contract  manufactured at TVS Motors’ Hosur factory. TVS and BMW are in a joint venture to build small capacity motorcycles.  While the G 310R and G 310GS are motorcycles built by TVS Motors for BMW Motorrad, for sale in India and  international markets, the Apache RR 310 fully faired sportsbike belongs to the same family, and is sold by TVS  Motors. Though all three bikes are built by TVS, sales and service of the BMW bikes are handled by BMW dealerships  across India. Also, spare part prices and service costs are different.

Coming to the bikes themselves, the BMW G 310R is a streetfighter, meant for urban environments and the occasional highway spin. The BMW G 310GS, on the other hand, is a touring focused motorcycle, meant for highways and bad roads. To achieve this, the G 310GS gets long travel suspension at the front and rear, a tall front fairing that offers plenty of wind protection, revised seating and easier ergonomics that are aimed at comfort over longer distances. Both motorcycles share the engine and gearbox though.

The engine in question is the 310cc, four stroke reverse inclined motor that’s been designed by BMW Motorrad and  built by TVS Motors using significant amounts of localization. The motor makes a peak power of 34 Bhp while peak  torque is rated at 34 Nm. A four valve head, twin overhead camshafts and fuel injection are standard on this motor,  which is paired to a six speed manual gearbox. A spirited performer, the engine gives both BMW motorcycles a top speed of over 140 Kph while the 0-100 Kph sprint comes up in less than 8 seconds.

One thing that a lot of BMW G 310R and G 310GS owners have been complaining about is vibration at higher rpms. The motor is not the smoothest singles out there and for people used to very refined engines, the gruff nature of the 310cc motor may come as a surprise. However, other bits of the motorcycles do more than make up for the gruff nature of the engine, and both motorcycles are said to be great performers on the road. The high price tag is a dissuading factor though. Intent on maintaining premium-ness, BMW Motorrad isn’t climbing down from the pricing. However, the large discount offered through the 0 percent interest scheme and 0 % down payment offer, the brand hopes to attract buyers.