BMW G 310R & GS 310R sportbikes confirmed for 2018 launch in India

BMW Motorrad will launch the made-in-India G 310R and GS 310R sportsbikes in the second half of 2018. Both bikes will be built by TVS Motors but will be sold through BMW Motorrad dealerships around the country. Even after sales service will be handled by BMW.

The G 310R and GS 310R will be the lowest priced BMW motorcycles on sale in India, with prices expected to start from less than Rs. 3 lakhs. Both bikes feature the same engines, frames and nearly identical cycle parts but have different styling and utilities.

Where the G 310R will be a naked street bike aimed at everyday use and sporty riding, the GS 310R will be a sports tourer, even capable of taking mild off roading into its stride. The G 310R has a sportier riding position apt for shorter rides while the GS 310R feature a more relaxed, upriding riding position meant to be comfortable for longer rides. TVS Motors is already building both bikes in India, and exporting it to countries around the world, where they sell with the BMW badge, as premium, entry-level motorcycles.

Both bikes feature a 313cc, reverse inclined four stroke engine, very identical to the one seen on the Apache RR310, but with changes to fuel injection, outputs and gearing. The engine gets liquid cooling, fuel injection, twin overhead camshafts and four valves, and produces 34 PS of peak power at 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm of peak torque at 7,500 rpm. A 6-speed transmission is standard and top speed is rated at 143 Kph. Hydraulic disc brakes with ABS is standard on both bikes. Upside down front forks and a rear monoshock make for suspension while the bikes get alloy wheels with tubeless tyres as standard fare. Both bikes weigh under 170 Kgs.