BMW G 310R races Bajaj Dominar – Who wins? [Video]

The BMW G 310R is the German automotive giant’s most affordable offering in India despite its rather high price tag. The price tag means that almost every rival including the Dominar 400. With price being a hindrance, can the BMW G310R beat the Dominar 400 in terms of performance? Youtuber Beast Biker pitted the G 310R against the Bajaj Dominar 400 in a set of drag races to find out.

The results of both drag races are quite clear. In the first race, the Dominar 400 blasts past the BMW G 310R at the start and maintains its lead till the end of the race. The bikes then turn around and race back down the same road, which sees the same result, with the Dominar easily keeping the BMW G 310R at bay.

So what was the reason why the BMW G 310R lost both drag races to the Bajaj Dominar 400? The answer is quite simple, the Dominar 400 is able to access its performance at lower rpm compared to the BMW and also has more overall power and torque on tap.

BMW G 310R races Bajaj Dominar – Who wins? [Video]

The Dominar’s 373 cc engine pushes out 34.5 bhp at 8,500 rpm and 35 Nm of torque at just 6,500 rpm which is quite a lot lower than where the G 310R produces its own peak power. The BMW G 310R cranks out 33.6 Bhp @ 9,500 rpm and 28 Nm of torque @ 7,500 rpm. This means that the Dominar 400 rider has quicker access to more power and torque which allows him to push off quicker from the start. Also, while the extra brake horsepower might not be much, the extra 7 Nm of torque does make quite a big difference, especially when trying to get off the line as fast as possible.

Now with prices for the Dominar with Dual-Channel ABS starting at around Rs 1.62 lakhs ex-showroom (Delhi), the Bajaj cruiser starts to make a whole lot more sense considering the fact that the BMW G 310R costs over 1.37 lakh more. In terms of performance and price, the Dominar 400 provides more bang for your buck, however, if that badge is what matters to you, then you won’t mind shelling out the extra cash for the G 310R, no matter the result.