BMW India will launch the i8 Hybrid Sportscar in India during February 2015. The i8 will be the German luxury car maker’s most expensive offering in India, seeking to showcase the performance capabilities of the brand. The four seater is likely to command a price tag of over 2 crore rupees. The i8 will be imported into India as a completely built unit (CBU). The i8 combines the high revving performance of a twin turbo 1.5 liter-3 cylinder with the instant torque of an electric motor. BMW has already begun importing the i8 to India, ahead of the hybrid sports car’s impending launch.

The 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine makes 231 Bhp of peak power and 320 Nm of peak torque, whilst the electric motor is good for 131 Bhp-250 Nm outputs. Together, the petrol and electric motors combine to churn out 262 Bhp-570 Nm, giving the i8 explosive performance. The petrol motor drives the rear wheels by means of a 6 speed automatic gearbox while the electric motor powers the front wheels. Extensive use of aluminium and carbon fiber in the i8’s construction means that the hybrid sportscar tips scales at under 1,500 kilograms. The 0-100 Kph sprint is dispatched in 4.4 seconds while top speed is an electronically limited 250 Kph.

BMW i8 Hybrid Sportscar – Additional Images and Details

Brake energy regeneration and an idle-stop are two features that seek to get a handle on fuel consumption and tail pipe emissions. The i8 isn’t about performance alone. The car’s hybrid credentials mean that every liter of petrol can be stretched up to 40 Kmpl, which is phenomenal to say the least. The i8 can be driven in multiple modes – all-electric and hybrid. The all-electric mode gives the car a range of 35 kilometers, with top speed rated at 120 Kph. The i8 also offers Eco, Comfort and Sport modes when driven as a hybrid. The i8 will be BMW’s second hybrid car in India, after the 7-Series Hybrid.

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