Indian golfer wins BMW M8 – the car is not even on sale yet!

Golfing may look boring to many but it is one of the highest paid games in the world. Professional golfers are also one of the highest paid sports people in the world. Luxury brands like BMW often associate with the Golf Tournaments to offer big prize money and here is one more example of the super expensive gift to an Indian golfer.

Indian golfer wins BMW M8 – the car is not even on sale yet!

Gaganjeet Bhullar, an Indian golfer hit a hole-in-one to win the magnificent prize from BMW. Gaganjeet holds 175th rank on the international professional golfer charts. The tournament where he hit the hole-in-one was BMW International Open. For the amazing shot, he won an incredible BMW M8 Coupe. It should be noted that BMW is yet to launch the car and has not even showcased the car to the public as of now. This is not the first time that the golfer has hit the magical hole-in-one, he has made the shot earlier in his career too. Also, this is the first time that someone has won the BMW Hole-in-one award since 2010 in the Munich event. Howevercoupe, , this is the eighth win of the award in the tournament’s 31-year old history. Earlier in 1991, the prize was a BMW 325i Cabrio, while other prizes include Z8 Roadster, 535i sedan, 640i Gran Coupe, i8 Coupe, i8 Roadster and M760Li sedan.

BMW will officially reveal the vehicle next week and Gaganjeet, the Indian golfer will be the first person in the world to own the vehicle. The price of the upcoming BMW M8 Competition Coupe is €193,880, which translates into around Rs 1.53 crore.

The golfer hit the 197-yard drive from the tree on the 17th hole at the event which was held at Golfclub Munchen Eichernried. He made the shot with the six-iron.

Indian golfer wins BMW M8 – the car is not even on sale yet!

Gaganjeet Bhullar after winning the award said,

“This is my second hole in one in a professional golf tournament. Before starting this year, I discussed with my caddie one of my dreams. I said need to make at least one hole in one and choose the right one, I’m glad we made that commitment. It’s a great moment. BMWs are some of my favourite cars and I’d love to drive that car.”

The BMW M8 Competition Coupe is the most expensive prize of all the time. The new flagship car is priced at Rs 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces a maximum power of 625 PS. It can hit the 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. BMW has developed a customised chassis technology that is tuned to perform on the tracks. It also gets an all-new integrated braking system that allows the driver to choose from two different pedal settings for greater control over the car.

Moreover, the car also gets a Track Mode, which changes the performance settings of the engine, braking, steering, suspension and the all-wheel-drive system of the vehicle. The users also get a distraction-free setting that removes the radio and control console.

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