BMW-Merc owner explains why he shifted to a Honda City Hybrid

In a surprising twist of events, a long-time owner of premium German automobiles, including a Mercedes E270 CDI, Mercedes S350, BMW 530d, and BMW 525i, shared his story of a significant shift in his automotive preferences. After a decade of enjoying the prestige and luxury of these high-end vehicles, the owner decided to explore the world of modern and more mainstream cars. The move led him to embrace the futuristic technology and eco-friendly driving experience offered by the 2023 Honda City ZX e:HEV hybrid. So after making the shift the owner shared his experience and findings on his new shift.

BMW-Merc owner explains why he shifted to a Honda City Hybrid

The insightful comparison and shift to the Honda City e:HEV hybrid were penned down and posted on the popular automotive forum TeamBHP. The writer, having previously owned a remarkable lineup of “premium” cars, decided to share his firsthand experiences with the community, sparking an intriguing debate on the merits of mainstream vehicles versus their luxury counterparts. In his detailed post the owner shared a number of reasons and pros and cons of the new Honda City e:HEC and compared it with a much more expensive hybrid sedan which was the Lexus ES300h and following is the summary of what his post highlighted.

The Appeal of Modern Technology

One of the foremost reasons for the owner’s shift to the Honda City e:HEV hybrid was the allure of modern technology. With features such as connected tech and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the Honda City provided an immersive driving experience that rivaled his previous German luxury cars. The convenience and connectivity offered by the latest tech in the e:HEV made daily commuting enjoyable and hassle-free, ultimately swaying him towards this more tech-savvy option.

Affordable Maintenance and Running Costs

BMW-Merc owner explains why he shifted to a Honda City Hybrid

Another crucial factor that influenced his decision was the significant difference in maintenance costs between mainstream and premium vehicles. The unpredictability and sky-high expenses associated with maintaining German luxury cars had become a concern for the owner. In contrast, the Honda City e:HEV proved to be more budget-friendly in terms of maintenance and running costs, making it a practical and economical choice.

Impressive Performance and Instant Torque

The comparison between the Honda City e:HEV and his previous BMW 530d was enlightening for the owner. He found the electric motor’s instant torque in the ZS EV and City e:HEV surprisingly peppy and comparable to the diesel powertrain of the 530d. The e:HEV’s acceleration and efficiency figures impressed him, reinforcing the notion that mainstream cars have indeed come a long way in terms of performance and driving dynamics.

Mainstream Appeal Without Compromising Comfort

While the badge value of premium cars may hold considerable allure, the owner found himself appreciating the mainstream appeal of the Honda City e:HEV. Its comfortable and reliable nature, combined with its efficient hybrid powertrain, created an irresistible value package. The transition to the e:HEV offered him a balanced approach, providing comfort, efficiency, and the satisfaction of responsible eco-friendly driving.

A Surprising Revelation: Comparable Driving Feel

BMW-Merc owner explains why he shifted to a Honda City Hybrid

The comparison did not end with the Honda City e:HEV alone; it extended to the luxurious Lexus ES300h, which was the immediate step up for a hybrid sedan. Despite the substantial price difference between the two, the owner found that both vehicles served the same purpose remarkably well. The driving feel, acceleration, and efficiency figures of the Honda City e:HEV were comparable to the more expensive Lexus, reinforcing his belief that mainstream cars had evolved to offer outstanding value for money.


The owner then summarised that shifting to the Honda City e:HEV hybrid unraveled a fascinating tale of automotive evolution. Embracing modern technology, affordable maintenance costs, impressive performance, and mainstream appeal, the shift showcased to him how mainstream cars have emerged as formidable contenders in the automotive landscape. While the luxurious Lexus ES300h offered unmatched intangibles, the Honda City e:HEV provided a brilliant value package, solving the same purpose as a comfortable, reliable, efficient daily commuter.


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