This BMW R32 vintage motorcycle is actually a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in the world. It is currently one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world that is still in production. They are known for making retro looking motorcycles. Royal Enfield motorcycles also act as great donor motorcycles for custom bike projects and we have seen several examples of the same on the internet. Here we have one such Royal Enfield motorcycle that has been customised to look like a vintage motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle but a replica of BMW’s first ever motorcycle R32.

The video has been uploaded by BikeWithGirl on their YouTube channel. The motorcycle has been customised or in this case built by Raju Bhai of RnG Customs. They have made several custom built motorcycles in the past. As mentioned above, this is actually a replica of the BMW R32 vintage motorcycle and it uses an engine from a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 motorcycle.

The motorcycle looks entirely different and does not look like a Thunderbird anymore. Vlogger mentions it in the video that this a completely hand built motorcycle and the imperfections can be seen here and there. The motorcycle gets 20 inch wheels both at the front and the rear. The front forks have been removed and the bike now gets a double leaf spring suspension setup at the front. This set up gives the motorcycle a retro look at the front. The frame of the motorcycle is custom made and so is the the fuel tank on this motorcycle. It is split and has to be filled individually.

This BMW R32 vintage motorcycle is actually a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

It has a total capacity of 10 litres and once fuel in one of the tank gets finished, you can use it from the other. The headlamp is a retro looking unit but, it gets LED lights in them. The frame on this motorcycle is all exposed. The basic structure of BMW R32 was actually based on bicycle and the talented Raju bhai of RnG Customs have tried to replicate. The imperfections are visible but, that is what makes it different from other projects that we have seen so far.

The engine on this motorcycle is from an Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 and it only by looking at the engine one can recognise that it is actually based on a Royal Enfield. The motorcycle gets custom fenders, leather wrapped custom seat. Pillion seat can also be used as luggage carrier. The exhaust on this motorcycle is a custom made unit and is neatly hidden under the motorcycle. The engine still has a Royal Enfield character to it but, the exhaust note is completely different. The air filter has also been changed on this motorcycle.

Vlogger mentions that the owner of this motorcycle had requested RnG Customs to actually built an R32 replica based on the Thunderbird. This is not going to be most comfortable motorcycle when on the road but, it does make people turn their head. We have seen several examples of modified Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past but, this one is definitely special.

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