BMW S1000RR Superbike Rider Saves Dog’s Life With A Stoppie [Video]

bmw superbike dog stoppie

India is a place where roads are extremely unpredictable. Even the national highways, where one is allowed to drive fast, can sometimes face obstacles. Generally, unsuspecting animals like cows and dogs come onto the road, and their sudden appearance can cause accidents. However, some skilled drivers can avoid these accidents. Recently, a video of one such extremely skilled BMW S1000RR rider saving an innocent dog’s life was shared online.


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BMW S1000RR Saves a Stray Dog’s Life

This particular video has come courtesy of The Biker Doc from Instagram. It starts with the scene of a few bikers on high-end superbikes cruising on the highway. The video was shot from a Mahindra Thar, and it first shows the bikers.

However, as soon as the camera turns towards the front of the road, it shows that an innocent dog had come out of the bushes on the divider of the road. Just before that, the BMW S1000RR rider was seen waving his hands to his friends to move ahead. However, soon after this, he spots the dog on the road and brakes as hard as he can.

While doing this extremely hard braking, what happens is his rear wheels come off the ground. The superbike then performs a seamless stoppie, and as the dog gets saved, the rider immediately speeds ahead of the group and the Thar.

BMW S1000RR Rider’s Skill

BMW S1000RR Superbike Rider Saves Dog’s Life With A Stoppie [Video]

This particular instance shows how highly skilled the BMW S1000RR rider was. He managed to brake so quickly and efficiently. Another important thing to note was that the entire road was wet. This adds to the complexity of braking. The reason behind that is wet roads can cause bikes to slip.

However, the rider managed to skillfully perform a stoppie while braking on a wet road without falling. Additionally, quickly after doing this extreme maneuver, he also managed to continue on the road to lead his friends. More importantly, the bikers behind this rider were also skilled enough to stop their bikes on time.


BMW S1000RR Superbike Rider Saves Dog’s Life With A Stoppie [Video]

The bike, as mentioned above, is the BMW S1000RR superbike. This is one of the most popular bikes from brands, and it costs between Rs 20.25 lakh and Rs 24.55 lakh. Back in 2023, BMW launched the updated S1000RR in the Indian bike market.

The 2024 BMW S1000RR comes equipped with a taller windscreen, a sleeker rear section with a short number plate holder. It also gets a traction control system with slide control, ABS with brake slide assist, four riding modes, hill start control, launch control, pit lane limiter, and a bi-directional quickshifter.

As for the powerplant of this beast, it comes powered by a 999cc, inline-four-cylinder motor. This engine generates 206.5 bhp. The previous version made 204.5 bhp. Torque has remained the same at 113 Nm.

Apart from this bike, the video also featured other expensive superbikes. It appears that the white bike was an MV Agusta or a Ducati. Apart from this, there was a Black Suzuki Hayabusa and a Triumph Tiger Adventure bike as well. There were a few more bikes in the convoy as well.