BMW S1000RR superbike rider does a stoppie to avoid hitting dog on highway [Video]

Stray dogs and cattle are a significant problem on Indian roads and cause many accidents. Here is a video that shows how such strays can be extremely dangerous. The video is taken through a 360-degree camera and shows the extremities of strays on the roads.


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The video footage taken from a camera on Mahindra Thar shows a group of superbike riders in a group speeding on the highways. The camera shows a stray dog jumping on the road before the Mahindra Thar and then running towards the centre of the road.

The rider on BMW S1000RR spots the dog just in time and applies the brake. The rider brakes so hard that the rear wheel of the bike comes off the road for a good height. The rider, however, controls the bike very well and saves the day.

The dog then rushes away in the other direction away from the road. Such incidents are quite common on the highways.

Speeding on Indian highways

BMW S1000RR superbike rider does a stoppie to avoid hitting dog on highway [Video]

Although high speeds can provide an exhilarating experience, they should only be pursued in controlled environments like race tracks. Attempting high-speed runs on public roads, particularly in India, can lead to significant trouble and devastating accidents.

These videos have captured instances of stray animals and jaywalkers being involved in accidents in the past. Operating vehicles at high speeds drastically reduces reaction time, increasing the risk of collisions. By driving or riding at slower speeds, there is more time to avoid potential hazards and apply brakes promptly. Vehicles traveling at high speeds require greater time and distance to come to a stop, making them more susceptible to accidents.

Safety on Indian roads is paramount, and adhering to speed limits is crucial. Even when the roads seem empty, stray animals and cattle have unrestricted access and can behave unpredictably. It’s essential to reduce speed when encountering animals on the road, as they might change direction suddenly.

In populated areas along highways, it is vital to slow down as well. Many Indian highways pass through major cities, where such incidents are more likely to occur. Livestock belonging to locals and villagers can stray onto the highways, potentially causing collisions. This emphasizes the significance of dashboard cameras and video cameras in India to document and learn from these incidents.

In conclusion, prioritizing road safety by obeying speed limits, remaining vigilant, and taking precautions for potential hazards is essential to prevent accidents on Indian roads.

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