BMW S1000RR superbike SEIZED & owner arrested for allegedly assaulting cop [Video]

A Tamil Nadu superbike rider was arrested in the city of Nagercoil after he was stopped by cops for riding over the speed limit and for talking on his mobile phone while riding. The owner of the BMW S1000RR, Sreenath, is the son of a prominent textile shop owner in Kanyakumari. His superbike was seized after he allegedly tried to abuse his way to freedom.

The incident occurred earlier this month when Sreenath was flagged down by Tamil Nadu police officers for speeding. The cops allege that Sreenath was also talking on his mobile phone while riding.

The policeman who flagged down Sreenath snatched the key out of the ignition of the BMW S1000RR and told the rider to bring his superbike to the side of the road for further action. However, Sreenath lost his cool and abused the cop, demanding back the keys to his S1000RR.

The police officer tried to reason with the irate Sreenath, even as the biker got in his face and hurled abuse at him. However, the cop’s refusal to return the keys saw the biker refuse to calm down.

BMW S1000RR superbike SEIZED & owner arrested for allegedly assaulting cop [Video]

Seeing their fellow officer in trouble, other cops moved in on the miscreant and started physically restraining him and beating him down, to get the situation under control. The cops then dragged the superbike owner to the nearby police station.

Unfortunately for Sreenath, his unnecessary antics after he was pulled over by the cops has led to multiple charges being slapped on him. Sreenath has been charged with preventing a public servant from carrying out his duty, physical assault, verbal abuse among many others including the original charges for which he was stopped by the cops.

The BMW S1000RR seized by the cops is one of the most powerful bikes on offer in BMW’s India line-up. Prices for the litre class motorcycle start at Rs. 18.9 lakhs ex-showroom with the pro version retailing at Rs. 21.4 lakhs. The BMW S1000RR draws power from a 999-cc inline four-cylinder engine that produces 196 Bhp and 105.8 Nm of torque, which is sent to the rear wheel via a 6-speed gearbox.

The incident in Tamil Nadu is just another example of the reckless nature of many superbike riders in India whose rule-breaking antics have led to a negative perception about bikers around the nation. While the police officer may have pulled the key out the ignition of the superbike, he had a valid reason to do so, as the cops can barely keep up with the BMW bike’s speed if the owner tried to make a break for it. The rider’s antics show that just because you own an expensive vehicle in India, doesn’t mean you can buy manners.

Video courtesy PolimerNews