BMW India silently discontinues the 1-Series hatchback

BMW India offers a wide range of vehicles in the Indian market. However, some cars that don’t sell well get discontinued. That’s exactly what’s happened to the 1-Series hatchback. According to the HinduBusinessline, BMW India has discontinued the 1-Series.

BMW India silently discontinues the 1-Series hatchback

When BMW launched the 1 Series, it was on offer in both petrol and diesel guises. There were a lot of variants on offer too. Sadly the car never did very well and the company discontinued quite a few variants. Then came the 1 Series facelift which was has been on sale for a while.

The company offered only one variant of the facelifted 1 Series, the Sport line in diesel guise. It was powered by a 2.0 liter engine making 143 Bhp and 320 Nm. While the vehicle was a massive hoot to drive, it didn’t manage to sell a lot. Most people didn’t even know that the facelifted 1 Series was on sale in the Indian market.

With the discontinuation of the 1-Series, the smallest BMW on sale in the country is the 3-Series and the X1, the X1 being the cheapest.Those who want a hatchback from that stable have to look offerings from the groups sister brand – Mini. Mini sells the Cooper hatchback is in 3 and 5 door variants, as well as the Countryman and Clubman.