BMW – Upcoming Cars in 2014

Snapshot –  BMW finds itself on the back foot in India as both Audi and Mercedes Benz has moved part the former Numero Uno luxury car maker in the Indian market. 2014 appears to be a year of consolidation for the luxury marquee from Munich with no major big volume launches lined up. BMW plans to strengthen its brand by launching a slew of brand builders such as the i8 hybrid sportscar and the iconic M5 coupe’s facelift. BMW started the year with the launch of the 3-Series GT, following it up with the M6 Gran Coupe. The coming months will see five more car launches from BMW. CarToq gives you a gist.


In June this year, BMW will replace the X5 crossover with an all-new, 3rd generation model. The latest version of the BMW X5 will take the completely knocked down (CKD) kit route into India, unlike the CBU route of the outgoing model. CKD assembly at BMW India’s Chennai factory is likely to result in prices of the X5 dropping. The X5 will be powered by a 3 liter-6 cylinder twin turbo diesel engine, good for 258 Bhp-560 Nm. The X5 is likely to be sold with this solitary turbo diesel engine option. An 8 speed automatic gearbox will be standard and so will an all wheel drive system.

M4 Coupe

BMW doesn’t make the M3 coupe any longer. Instead, the car maker has christened the M3 Coupe’s replacement as the M4. Like the M3, the M4 promises impressive performance. The car is powered by a 6 cylinder petrol engine that gets twin turbochargers. The motor outputs a peak power of 431 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 550 Nm. Decidedly, performance is sportscar like with a top speed of 250 Kph and a 0-100 Kph run coming in just 4.1 seconds. The M4 coupe will be imported into India as a completely built unit (CBU). The car will take on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG and the Audi RS5.

M5 Sedan Facelift (LCI)

For those who want a larger, high performance car than the M4 coupe have an option in the form of the M5 sedan. The M5 sedan, which was launched here during the 2012 Indian Auto Expo, will see a facelift, dubbed the Long Cycle Impulse (LCI) in BMWtalk. The facelifted BMW M5 sedan will retain the 4.4 liter twin turbo petrol engine, albeit with a higher power rating of 575 Bhp. The additional fifteen horses come courtesy the Competition Package. This package also adds carbon ceramic brakes, a sportier sounding exhaust and lowers the ride height of the car. Like all M-badged cars sold in India, the M5 LCI will be CBU import.

7 Series Active Hybrid

BMW’s all-new 7-Series luxury saloon is still a while away. While Mercedes Benz has promptly began selling the all-new W222 S-Class luxury saloon in India, BMW’s ploy to create some buzz around the 7-Series brand involves the launch of the Active Hybrid version of the car. The 7-Series Active Hybrid is petrol powered and features a twin turbo 6 cylinder motor. This motor is assisted by a 55 Hp electric motor, giving the car its Active Hybrid moniker. Combined-ly, the petrol-electric powertrain combination gives the 7-Series Active Hybrid 354 Bhp of peak power and 500 Nm of peak torque. The hybrid credentials of the car give it a 17.64 Kmpl mileage figure.

i8 Hybrid Sportscar

BMW showcased the i8 Hybrid Sportscar at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo. By the end of this year, this car will roll onto Indian roads. The sportscar seats 4 adults and promises a combination of high performance and high fuel efficiency. The i8 Hybrid is powered by a 1.5 liter-3 cylinder turbo petrol engine that powers the rear wheels by means of a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The front wheels of the hybrid sportscar are driven by an electric motor that is juiced by lithium ion batteries. Together, the electric motor and the turbo petrol engine produce 362 Bhp-570 Nm, figures that propel the car to 100 Kph from standstill in 4.4 seconds, all the way up to a 250 Kph top speed. Claimed fuel efficiency is a startling 40 Kmpl.