BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!

The BMW X1 is a small crossover – by normal SUV standards, of course. According to media reports, BMW plans to launch the little SUV in India by the end of 2010.

Update: BMW X1 officially launched – specifications and prices revealed

23 dec 2010: And it’s here. Click to read about the official launch of the BMW X1 and tech specs

Update: BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs and above

17 Nov 2010: This is exciting news for those who have been waiting for the small SUV from BMW. This would mean a super-cheap BMW priced even less than the popular Toyota Fortuner! Okay, the Fortuner is a 7-seater SUV while this is a give-seater one. But the temptation of owning a BMW instead of a Toyota can be a bit too much! Related: SUVs in India

BMW X1 to get January 2011 launch?

Update: We are not sure exactly when the BMW X1 would be launched in India. According to what we heard during October 2010, the launch would take place in January 2011. December is almost at an end; and there are many customers who postpone their car purchases to the new year; s a January launch would make sense. Click through to read the basic specifications of the X1 SUV.

BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!
Photo: BMW X1 latest pic

Update: BMW is on a high right now, with the company posting more sales than Mercedes Benz in November 2010. The German carmaker has announced an increase in production for 2011 to meet the rising demand for luxury vehicles.

BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!
BMW X1 is compact, but can seat 5 adults

Peter Kronschnabl, BMW India president said that the BMW X1 crossover would be launched in India in both petrol and diesel versions. The sales target for the company is 500 units, whch we think they would be able to meet easily. The X1 is likely to be priced at Rs 25 lakhs in India according to market speculation. BMW has made its intentions to play a price game in India, as evidenced by the recent launch of its BMW 5 series corporate edition.

BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!
Photo: BMW X1 takes its styling cues from its elder siblings the X5 and X6

There are a two petrol and two diesel models available in the X1 range – we believe it would be the 2000 cc diesel and the 1800 cc petrol which would make it to India. Also, we cannot be sure right now whether the BMW X1 models for India would feature all-wheel drive.

BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!
Photo: Compact size, BMW quality

The BMW X1 takes its styling cues from its bigger siblings and offers a compact, sporty package. Nobody expects you to take the X1 out on the mud-track or trail, however. What it can do is to be a capable urban commuter and a comfortable long distance vehicle. Plus, you get all the driver-centric design features and quality of a BMW. The compact size does not mean that it is impractical – the rear row offers adequate seating for three adults. The latest BMW iDrive controller would be available in the X1.

BMW X1 priced Rs 22 lakhs+ in India, now launched!

We have a few photos of the BMW X1 for you here for now. Whenever we get our hands on an X1, we are sure to bring you a full-fledged road test and photo gallery.

The X1 is likely to come to India as CKD – completely knocked down – which will enable the company to keep prices low. The CKD kits would be assembled at BMW’s Chennai plant. The company would invest 30 per cent more into the Chennai plant for the production of the X1, and would also raise its workforce by 30 per cent.

The company has not revealed the exact specifications of the engines which would power the X1 in India. Anything we say at this time about the specs and price would be speculation, and BMW might decide to opt for a different specification and price point before the launch, however.

Peter Kronschnabl also announced the forthcoming launch of the BMW 5-series in India as CKD, and said that the price would be Rs 25 lakh in India. The car would be powered by a 2000 cc diesel engine. The launch is expected in July 2010, just a few months from now.