BMW's half a dozen new high perfomance cars for India profiled

BMW’s half a dozen new high performance cars for India profiled

Snapshot – BMW India will launch half a dozen new cars in the next six months and this includes a handful of high performance models. The luxury car maker is now focused on conveying its cars’ terrific driving pleasure to the buyer rather than getting into the volumes game. Currently number 3 in the Indian luxury car market, the slew of cars that BMW will launch over the next 6 months won’t do much for the luxury car maker’s volumes play. However, power play is the name of the game when it comes to BMW’s new launches and the cars that the German luxury car maker has lined up for India is sure to tug at a heart string or two. 

M5 Sedan Facelift

The M5 sedan is the high performance version of the F10 BMW 5-Series luxury saloon. BMW has put the M5 sedan, which was first introduced to the Indian car market through the 2012 Auto Expo, through a Long Cycle Impulse (LCI), essentially a facelift in BMW terms. The facelifted M5 retains the 4.4 liter, V8 turbo petrol engine, albeit with 15 more horses under the hood, raising peak output to 575 Bhp. Other new bits on the car include mildly revised cosmetics, carbon ceramic brakes, an exhaust tuned for a sportier note and lower ride height. The M5 will arrive into the country as a completely built unit and at a price tag north of the 1 crore rupee mark.

M3 Sedan

The F30-based M3 is a high performance machine that seats five adults in a five door-sedan style car. The car is India-bound later this year. In terms of positioning, the M3 will sit below the M5 Facelift, with a price tag well under the 1 crore rupee mark, to make a more affordable sports saloon. A 3 liter, inline-6 cylinder turbo petrol engine will power the car, generating outputs of 431 Bhp-550 Nm. For the Indian market, a 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox will drive the rear wheels of the M3, which will also get an Active M differential. A 0-100 Kph sprint in 4.1 seconds and an electronically limited 250 Kph top speed makes the M3 sedan a very, very potent car and if you will, a perfect machine for your Jekyll-and-Hyde moments.

M4 Coupe

The M4 coupe, as its name signifies, is a coupe version of the M3 sedan. Coupe also means a three door layout and sportier looks that younger buyers are likely to particular take to. An offshoot of the 5th generation M3, the M4 coupe will be a imported into India through the completely built unit (CBU) route. The car will be served up as a more focused, youthful alternate of the high performance, M3 sedan. Expect the pricing of the M4 coupe to be similar to the M3 sedan. The M4 coupe will launch alongside the M3 sedan, later this year.

i8 Hybrid Sportscar

BMW’s first big launch for 2015 is the i8 Hybrid Sportscar. A brand builder, hook-line and sinker, the i8 Hybrid is already sold out in India given the fact that only 8 examples of the sportscar have been allotted to the Indian car market. Said to command a price tag over the 1.5 crore rupee mark, the i8 Hybrid Sportscar is BMW’s glimpse to the future of high performance motoring. Showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo earlier this year, the i8 Hybrid Sportscar uses a 1.5 liter-3 cylinder turbo petrol engine in conjunction with an electric motor, to make for a 362 Bhp-570 Nm combined output. 0-100 Kph is dispatched in 4.4 seconds and a top speed is a heady 250 Kph.

Mini Cooper & Cooper S 3 Door

The fourth generation, F56 Mini range of sporty, high performance hatchbacks will make their debut in India early next year. The Mini range for India will include the 3 door variants of the Cooper and Cooper S hatchbacks. While the 2014 Mini Cooper will use a 1.5 liter turbo petrol engine that makes 136 Bhp-220 Nm, the Cooper S will use a 2 liter-4 cylinder turbo petrol engine that cranks up outputs to 192 Bhp and 280 Nm. Both cars will use 6 speed automatic transmissions that power their front wheels. The 2014 Cooper and Cooper S are likely to be priced slightly higher than the outgoing, 3rd generation models.

Mini Countryman 5 Door

As the Mini range of hatchbacks jump onto the 4th generation, F56 architecture, so does the popular Countryman 5 door hatchback, which is more of a crossover in the Mini line up. The 2014 version of the Countryman comes with changes to both the exteriors and the interiors. The 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine of the 3rd generation Countryman makes way for a new 1.5 liter-3 cylinder unit that makes 112 Bhp-270 Nm. A six speed automatic transmission comes standard. One of the most practical Mini cars for the Indian market, the high ground clearance equipped, diesel powered Countryman, in its latest iteration, could be a major sales spinner for the brand in India.