Body kit disasters: Cars that have gone bonkers

A body kit is something that is added to a car to transform the way it looks. In most cases, it does make the car look more appealing. However, not all body kits do that. Here are 5 fugly body kits.

Maruti Swift

swift 1

The Swift is one of the most modified cars in India. There are a few great examples and then some not so great ones. This one featured here comes under the not so great ones. It has been done by Kit Up and we feel it doesn’t make the car look good. The front end gets a large grill which has been painted in silver.

swift 2

The front bumper has also been changed and the headlamps have been coloured in the same colour as the car. At the back there is a new bumper with a diffuser as well as quad exhaust pipes. There are 2 spoilers as well. This body kit certainly doesn’t do justice to the Swift we feel.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Modified Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer has been always been a mod friendly car and people have done crazy stuff to it. This one is crazy, but unfortunately not in a good way. Firstly it is only in the side profile that you can tell that this is a Lancer.

Modified Mitsubishi Lancer3

It has completely lost its charm. The front end now gets larger headlamps and a completely reworked bumper and bonnet. The mirrors have been replaced by those that come on the Civic. The designer seems to have taken inspiration from Peugeot for this makeover.

Modified Mitsubishi Lancer1

At the back, there is a massive spoiler and the tail lamp cluster has been borrowed from the Chevy Spark. What were they thinking?

Volkswagen Jetta

jettta 2

The VW Jetta is more of an elegant German luxury sedan than a sporty one. These people at back2tracks decided to give the Jetta a more sporty make over, but didn’t quiet succeed. The front end has been completely reworked. There is a new large chrome grill with a GT-R badge on the centre. We understand that the car has been modified, but don’t quiet get why the name plate has been changed.

jetta 1

The bumper is also all new to include the large grill. There are new side skirts to give the side profile a new look. The tail lamp cluster has been blacked out, there is a new spoiler at the back as well. The rear fenders have been flaired which add some muscle to the car. The rear bumper has been reworked and now gets a new diffuser, quad exhausts and air vents on the side.

Ford Ikon

Modified Ikon

The Ford Ikon was never a great looking vehicle. This one doesn’t make it look any better. Only the front end has been changed, but it has undergone a massive transformation. So the Ikon headlamps have been replaced by those on an i10.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 16

There is a large grill now with multiple horizontal slats that extends all the way from the bonnet till the bottom of the car. The bumper has been reworked as well and now gets air vents on the side for a more sporty look.

Mahindra Bolero

bolero 1

The Bolero was never a good looking vehicle. It has a macho and rugged stance, but always felt more utilitarian. This particular vehicle has been done by Kit Up and is christened the ‘Campaign Edition’. From the name, we believe that this Bolero was designed to be used by politicians while they were on a campaign rally. Whatever be the case, it looks really ugly. The front end gets a reworked bumper with multiple lights.

bolero 2

The grill has been changed and both the grill and the headlamps are been painted in red. There are rods on the bonnet which we suppose are for the party flags. The top has been modified as well and now features a sun roof. At the back, there is a new bumper.

bolero 3

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