And we are back with another edition of body kit disasters. Yes, looks are a subjective matter and surely different people have different opinions. Here are 10 body kits that we think are a little over the top:

Chevrolet Cruze

body 1

The Cruze has always been a good looking vehicle with the right amount of aggression and muscle. This company decided that they wanted to make the car look more aggressive. While they have succeeded in doing so with the bumper, the grill certainly looks like an over kill. That in addition to the chrome all over doesn’t really suit the vehicle. Maybe if the chrome was blacked out it and the grill was changed, the vehicle would look a lot better.

This body kit includes a new bumper with vertical LED cluster, a new bonnet and a new rear bumper which looks a little over done. In addition to all this, the fender has also been redesigned with an air scoop which looks a little out of place as well.

body 2

Hyundai Grand i10

body 3

The Grand i10 isn’t really a looker, but this one looks way too loud in our opinion. The Grand i10 isn’t the sporty sort of car that needs massive air vents and aerodynamic aids and hence this one here looks out of place since it has all of those.

body 4

Up front, there is an all new bumper with DRLs and a new grill that doesn’t suit the look of the car. At the back too, there is a new bumper which includes air vents on both sides and a diffuser. A spoiler has been added at the bottom of the windscreen for some reason. Overall, not the best thing you could do to your Grand i10.

Hyundai Getz

body 11

The Getz is an elegant looking small car which doesn’t have much of flamboyance. This owner decided to jazz up his vehicle and went a little too far in our opinion. He has got the headlamp unit also painted in the body colour, has changed the grill and put up a TRD logo (WHY???) on it. In addition to that, the bumper now has a front splitter and the bonnet gets auxiliary lights. The roof has an air scoop and there is a massive spoiler at the back as well.

Ford Figo

body 5

The old Figo had a European feel to it which meant that it was very understated. It looked good, but didn’t have the outright flair of its Japanese counterparts. To give the Figo a visual boost (or not), Kit up has come up with a body kit for the older Figo which does try to make it look better (and fails).

body 6

So the Figo now has a chrome finished front grill and a body coloured surround to the headlamp cluster. It is the chrome finish that actually doesn’t look good. The car also has a front splitter. At the back, the tail lamp cluster has been smoked and the car sports a rear diffuer which has als been finished in silver.

Toyota Innova

body 7

The Innova is the car you think of when you are looking for a practical vehicle that has seats more than 5 people. Since it is more of a people mover, it obviously doesn’t look really hot. Kitup has kitted out the Innova and well, it doesn’t look really good sadly.

body 8

While the headlamps have been replaced by projector unit which looks nice, the new grill, bonnet and the bumper doesn’t really suit the look of the car. At the back, the tail lamp cluster has also got a silver finish that doesn’t look really nice. What is shocking is the fact that the rear diffuser houses hexa exhausts which we don’t understand why. This is certainly a case of “My car has more exhaust pipes that yours” as there is no requirement in terms of functionality.

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