Boeing teases its upcoming flying car through a video

Boeing teases its upcoming flying car through a video

Flying cars… A future with cars flying around us seems to be closer than ever before. Couple of weeks ago PAL-V, Dutch manufacturer for flying cars had made an announcement that India might gets its first flying car in 2021. Now, news is coming up from Virginia, USA that military and commercial jet manufacturer Boeing has also tested one of their upcoming flying car.

Boeing has designed the flying car to take passengers over congested city streets and dodge sky scrapers. Boeing has named this vehicle PAV which stands for Passenger Air Vehicle. A Prototype of this Autonomous Passenger vehicle has successfully completed a controlled takeoff, hover and landing in its first test flight conducted in Manassas, Virginia. Boeing has even shared a video of Passenger Air Vehicle’s first flight. Let’s take a closer look at this air vehicle.

The first thing that we realize when we look at this vehicle is that it looks nothing like a car. With all the wings and aerodynamic design it looks more like a mini aircraft. In the video, it seems like the body of the vehicle is attached to a base which has Eight propellers in it which will help the Passenger Air Vehicle in the takeoff and maneuvering the direction during the course of flight.

Boeing Flying Car Featured

There is also a propeller at the back of the vehicle to help it move forward. The Passenger Air Vehicle is not powered by fuel. Boeing says the PAV is an electric vehicle and is designed for fully autonomous flights with range as much as 50 miles or 80 Kilometers.

Boeing and its arch rival Airbus SE are among the companies that are racing to stake a claim on flying cars and parcel-hauling drones, which has the potential to be the next disruption to sweep aerospace industry. Boeing’s efforts got a boost after the acquisition of Aurora Flight Sciences in 2017 who were already developing a flying taxi in collaboration with Uber Technologies Inc.

Talking about flying cars, PAL-V is the world’s first company to have developed a commercial flying car. They have three models in their stable. The PAL-V Liberty costs around Rs 4.18 crore. The other two models are Liberty Pioneer Edition and Liberty Sport model and these cost around Rs 3.78 crore and Rs 2.52 crore respectively.

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