Bollywood Actor Kartik Aaryan Ditches Luxury Car And Uses Metro To Beat Mumbai Traffic [Video]

kartik aryan mumbai metro

One of the leading and popular actors from Bollywood, Kartik Aaryan, was recently seen traveling on a metro. Several videos of Kartik Aaryan traveling on the metro have already surfaced online. In one such video, he is seen posing for pictures with his fans. The actor was traveling on the metro during peak hours, probably aiming to beat the infamous Mumbai traffic.


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Kartik Aaryan was seen standing near the metro train door. The video has been shared by Instant Bollywood on their Instagram page. In this video, we see the actor standing near the door with a mask on his face, wearing it for obvious reasons. However, someone from the train managed to recognize him and asked for a picture.

That is how others traveling on the metro probably noticed him. Several youngsters can be seen coming near the actor to click a picture. We can hear the actor say that there is a station coming up, probably to ensure that no one forgets to get down while trying to click a picture with him.

Bollywood Actor Kartik Aaryan Ditches Luxury Car And Uses Metro To Beat Mumbai Traffic [Video]
Kartik Aaryan in metro

For all these years, we have seen actors travel in expensive cars and wave at people while their car is in motion or stopped at a traffic signal. In this case, the actor was traveling on a metro, which is used by masses to travel every day. Traveling by metro is probably one of the easiest ways to beat city traffic. People can stay in an air-conditioned compartment and travel to their destination without getting stuck anywhere.

Local trains are known as the lifeline of Mumbai, and the metro is much more modern and comfortable. Kartik Aaryan is not the only actor who was spotted traveling on the metro.

Akshay Kumar

Bollywood actor and action star Akshay Kumar, was seen traveling on the metro. Unlike in Kartik Aaryan’s case, fans didn’t go near him asking for selfies. He had covered his face with a mask and a cap, which made him almost unrecognizable in public.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan also ditched his multi-crore Range Rover luxury SUV and decided to take the metro to work. He posed for pictures and even posted the images on his personal social media profile.

Anil Kapoor, Kiara Advani & Varun Dhawan

Anil Kapoor, a veteran actor, during the promotion of his new movie, traveled on the metro. He was not traveling alone; he was accompanied by co-stars like Kiara Advani and Varun Dhawan. The trio was spotted before the release of their movie “Jug Jugg Jeeyo” back in 2022.

Hema Malini

Actress Hema Malini also took the metro last year due to heavy city traffic. Not just the metro, some popular personalities have even taken the train to work. Last year, in a video posted by Dr. Hiranandani, he was seen taking a local train, opting for the air-conditioned cabin to reach work on time without getting stuck in traffic. Traveling on the metro saves a lot of time, which is why many people prefer local trains or the metro over buses or cars.