Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan seen riding Royal Enfield Hunter, driving Lamborghini Urus

In the last couple of years, Kartik Aaryan has risen to the heights of stardom like no other celebrity from Bollywood. The young actor, who is also one of the most popular heartthrobs in the country, already has a lucrative car collection too. However, there’s one more side of the actor, which don’t many people know – his love for Royal Enfields. Continuing his love for the brand, Kartik Aaryan recently acquired a brand-new Royal Enfield Hunter 350.

In a video uploaded by Cars For You, Kartik Aaryan is seen leaving the office of renowned Bollywood director and producer Aanand L. Rai riding a Royal Enfield Hunter 350. The ‘Dapper Grey’ coloured Hunter 350 bears the registration number ‘9595’, which is the same registration number seen on other vehicles owned by Kartik Aaryan.

Before leaving the office of Aanand L. Rai, Kartik Aaryan receives a helmet from his driver, who was also present there with the actor’s Mini Cooper S convertible. The British Racing Green coloured Mini Cooper S Convertible was also parked at the office, which indicates that the actor had come to the office riding on his new Hunter 350, with his driver following him in the two-door convertible hatchback.

Not his first Royal Enfield

The new Hunter 350 is not the first Royal Enfield motorcycle owned by Kartik Aaryan. The Bollywood actor also posted a picture on his social media accounts on the eve of Dussehra with his Redditch Red-coloured new-generation Royal Enfield Classic 350. Before these motorcycles, Kartik Aaryan was spotted with a silver-coloured Royal Enfield Classic 350 several times, which is registered in the name of one of his friends.

With a sudden spike in his stardom, Kartik Aaryan has become one of the top-rated A-listed actors in Bollywood. And like any other A-lister from the film industry, Kartik Aaryan also owns an envious car collection now. The actor started well with a used BMW 5-Series. However, after scoring his first blockbuster movie, the actor went ahead and purchased a British Racing Green coloured Mini Cooper S Convertible. Kartik gifted this car to his mother, adding that it was his mother’s favourite car.

Also owns a Lamborghini Urus

Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan seen riding Royal Enfield Hunter, driving Lamborghini Urus

In addition to the Mini Cooper S Convertible, Kartik Aaryan also owns a black-coloured Lamborghini Urus. Recently, after the success of his movie ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’, the producer of the movie Bhushan Kumar gifted a McLaren GT, which is said to be the first unit of the McLaren GT in India.

Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan seen riding Royal Enfield Hunter, driving Lamborghini Urus

To avoid waiting for his new car, Kartik Aryan airlifted the Urus from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, the home of Lamborghini. Kartik had to spend a lot to get his hands on the Urus three months earlier.

Owns a McLaren GT

Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan seen riding Royal Enfield Hunter, driving Lamborghini Urus

After the success of Bhul Bhulaiya 2, Bhushan Kumar, the producer of the movie gifted a McLaren GT to Kartik Aryan. The McLaren GT is an entry-level sportscar from the manufacturer’s range. It gets a price tag of Rs 3.72 crore, ex-showroom. This is the base price of the car without any customisation option. However, McLaren offers a preconfigured add-on pack for the GT, which costs Rs 29.77 lakh.

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