Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh slides a Volkswagen Tiguan SUV (Video)

Volkswagen launched the all-new Tiguan in the Indian market last year. The flagship SUV of the brand in India offers a lot of features and takes on the likes of Toyota Fortuner in the market. However, it is a five-seater SUV and targets only the niche customers.

Bollywood actress, Chitrangada Singh was seen enjoying the new SUV with an off-roading trainer at an event in Mumbai. Volkswagen India keeps on organizing such events for its customers and prospective customers and the actress was a part of the event and seems to have enjoyed the session quite a lot.

The trainer is explaining how to do slides on the vehicle. There is a camera that records the whole conversation and the trainer can be heard saying “Lift off the foot from the accelerator and slam the brakes while turning the wheels to slide”. Chitranganda can be seen following his instructions and her expressions say it all about the slide. The vehicle can be seen going sideways and it sure felt great. The caption to the video says that Chitrangada Singh got it right in the second attempt and then repeated the same manoeuvre twice after that.

Here is a video from the event, where you can see Chitrangada Sen posing with the Tiguan for photographers, and then taking the SUV out for the slide.

Coming to the Volkswagen Tiguan, it was launched last year and Volkswagen sold as many as 800 units of the SUV in just 6 months after the launch. The Tiguan became immensely popular in the Indian market. The all-new SUV is based on the Volkswagen’s MQB platform and is assembled at the Aurangabad, Maharashtra plant of the brand. Even though it is a five-seater, it is priced at Rs. 27.49 lakhs, putting it in the luxury segment. The top-end version is priced at Rs. 30.88 lakhs.

The Tiguan is powered only by a diesel engine in the Indian market. It gets a 2.0-litre TDI turbocharged engine that produces a maximum power of 141 bhp and a peak torque of 340 Nm. It gets a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission as standard. However, only the top-end variant gets the 4WD system. There is no low-ratio transfer case on the Volkswagen Tiguan though.

Off-roading can be a fun task but only when you know what to do and how to do it correctly. Doing manoeuvres only on the basis of instincts can turn out to be ugly and the vehicle can get either badly stuck or can overturn. It is important to always try these moves with a professional trainer or an experienced off-roader. There are quite a few off-roading experience zones in India where professional drivers are available to guide you and teach you. Just like Chitrangada Singh, who never seem to have done a slide in life, a right teacher and a safe environment to learn can make things much easier and better.