Bollywood Director Ahmed Khan spotted in his Batmobile [Video]

Last year, Bollywood director Ahmed Khan gifted his wife a Batmobile on her birthday. Ahmed Khan is known for judging various reality shows and directing Bollywood movies like Baaghi and Heropanti. Ahmed was recently spotted with his wife Shaira in the Batmobile.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Viral Bhayani. According to the video, the director and his wife came to a mall to watch the new Batman movie. In the video, we can see Ahmed Khan driving the Batmobile.

Ahmed Khan’s Batmobile

Bollywood Director Ahmed Khan spotted in his Batmobile [Video]

The Batmobile is inspired by Michael Keaton’s Batman film that was released back in 1989. Needless to say, the Batmobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in the film industry. Batmobile is considered a character of Batman films. Everyone gets excited when a new Batman film is announced because that means a new Batmobile will be made. We will be seeing Michael Keaton’s Batmobile once again in the upcoming Flash movie that will be released next year.

Bollywood Director Ahmed Khan spotted in his Batmobile [Video]

Ahmed’s Batmobile came from the USA, it took 8 months for the car to arrive in India. Then it was assembled in Mumbai. The Batmobile was manufactured by Gotham Motors and assembled by Executive ModCar Trendz. Online reports say that Ahmed’s Batmobile costs Rs. 40 lakhs. It is powered by a 4.7-litre petrol engine that was twin-turbocharged. It produced 463 bhp of max power and a massive 700 Nm of peak torque. We can also hear the burbling exhaust note in the video.

Michael Keaton’s Batmobile

Michael Keaton’s Batmobile has appeared in two movies till now. There was Batman and Batman Returns. The Flash movie will be the third time that we will get to see the legendary Batmobile.

There were two Batmobiles made for the movies. The first one was based on Chevrolet Impala. The engine was sourced from Chevrolet and it was a V8. The second Batmobile was based on an Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible.

Most of the gadgets that we see in the 1969 Batmobile were functional. Yes, even the afterburner could shoot flames for 15 seconds. However, the “Cocoon” mode was not functional.

The Batman’s Batmobile

Bollywood Director Ahmed Khan spotted in his Batmobile [Video]

The Batman that has just been released in theatres have an all-new Batmobile. It is designed to look like a muscular old-school Dodge Challenger. It gets a steel bumper that Batman uses to ram into things and other cars. We also have a chase sequence in the movie in which we can see the Batmobile smashing through the huge cement pipe.

The engine is taken from Dodge’s Hemi line-up. It is positioned at the mid-rear which improves the handling. The power output is supposed to be around 700 PS. We can also see two turbochargers slapped onto the engine. The power is transferred to all four wheels using a transfer case. Being a Batmobile, there is an after-burner at the rear that shoots out blue flames.

Bollywood Director Ahmed Khan spotted in his Batmobile [Video]

The production house made four Batmobiles for different purposes. You can read more about the new Batmobile by clicking here.