Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

Unsurprisingly, the B-town divas lead an extravagant lifestyle, often flaunting ultra-expensive bags, heels, and designer clothes. Their penchant for luxury extends to their choice of cars, with some of the most expensive and hottest models gracing their presence. Maybachs, known for their opulence, have become synonymous with luxury among Bollywood divas. Here are ten such divas who proudly own a Maybach.

Deepika Padukone

Last year, Deepika Padukone added a brand-new Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 to her collection, making it the second GLS600 in the family, as Ranveer Singh had purchased the SUV in 2021. Recently, the actress was spotted with her new GLS600, marking the first public appearance of the vehicle.

Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

In addition to the GLS600, Deepika also owns an ultra-luxurious sedan. Assembled in India through the CKD route, the Mercedes-Maybach S500 is equipped with a 4.7-liter petrol engine, delivering an impressive power output of 459 bhp and a peak torque of 700 Nm. The sedan carries a price tag of approximately Rs. 2 crores.

Kriti Sanon

Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

While the Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is steadily becoming a favourite among male actors, Kriti Sanon has become the first and only actress to date to get the SUV for herself. Kriti acquired a Cavansite Blue-coloured Mercedes Maybach GLS 600, the same shade as Ranveer Singh’s GLS 600. Before buying the GLS 600, Kriti was mostly seen chauffered in her white-coloured Audi Q7. She has also owned a BMW 3-Series in the initial days of her stardom.

Kiara Advani

Recently, Kiara Advani made another addition to her collection of luxury sedans with the purchase of the Mercedes-Maybach S580. What makes the Maybach S580 even more special is its ‘Made-in India’ tag, as it is manufactured at Mercedes-Benz’s Pune plant. Continuing the legacy of previous Maybach models, this feature-rich car offers a luxurious driving experience. The Maybach S-Class is offered in two variants: the S580, produced in India, and the fully-imported CBU model, the Maybach S680.

Kangana Ranaut

During the premiere of her latest film, “Dhaakad,” Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut made a grand entrance by revealing her new acquisition—a stunning Mercedes-Maybach S680. This luxurious sedan carries an ex-showroom price tag of Rs 3.6 crore. Built upon the foundation of the standard S-Class, the Maybach S-Class boasts an extended wheelbase, providing an additional 180mm of space primarily dedicated to the rear passengers. With a length of nearly 5.5 meters, it ranks among the longest cars available in the market.

Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

As a celebration of the latest single by the Jonas Brothers reaching the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Priyanka Chopra was gifted a lavish Mercedes-Maybach S650 by her husband, Nick Jonas. This generous present was presented to Priyanka Chopra in the USA, where she resides with Jonas. The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is the pinnacle model from the renowned luxury car manufacturer, positioned just below the S650 Pullman, which is the extended version of the S650 sedan.

Jacquline Fernandez

Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

Adding to her impressive collection of vehicles, which includes a Range Rover Vogue and a BMW 5 Series, Jacqueline Fernandez has now become the proud owner of a Mercedes S500 Maybach sedan. While the S500 is considered the most affordable Maybach available, it has since been succeeded by the S560 model. Equipped with a 4.7-liter V8 engine, the car delivers an output of 453 Bhp of power and 700 Nm of torque.

Jahnavi Kapoor

Bollywood divas and their Maybachs: Deepika Padukone to Kiara Advani

Janhvi Kapoor possesses an impressive collection of luxury cars, which includes a Mercedes-Benz GLE, a Range Rover Evoque, an Audi A6, and several others. In 2019, she added a brand-new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class to her fleet, featuring a registration number that corresponds to her late mother’s S-Class. Nowadays, Janhvi predominantly utilizes the Maybach to attend events and for her shooting commitments.

Urvashi Rautela

The Maybach S500 has been a frequent sight as Urvashi Rautela has been spotted in it on multiple occasions. This particular model belongs to the previous generation of the S-Class and is equipped with a formidable 4.7-liter V8 engine, delivering an impressive output of 455 hp and 700 Nm of peak power and torque.

Sonam Kapoor

Daughter Sonam received a generous gift from Anil Kapoor in the form of a luxury sedan, which she has been frequently seen using. The Mercedes-Benz S400 occupies a position between the S350 and S500 models in the lineup. Powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine, it delivers an impressive maximum power of 333 Bhp and a peak torque of 480 Nm. The vehicle’s power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a 7-speed G-Tronic automatic transmission.

Madhuri Dixit

In addition to her impressive collection of luxury cars, Madhuri Dixit is the proud owner of a Mercedes Maybach S500 sedan. Recently, the actress was spotted in Mumbai, accompanied by her husband, in this elegant deep blue sedan. The couple has been seen enjoying their rides in this car on multiple occasions. When this vehicle was available in the market, it carried an ex-showroom price tag of Rs 1.86 crore.