Bollywood producer runs over wife with Mercedes Benz GLA luxury SUV: Caught on CCTV

In a shocking incident, filmmaker Kamal Kishore Mishra was caught on camera running over his wife. Amboli police have registered an FIR against the director for running his car over his wife’s legs in the parking lot of their residential apartment in Andheri (West) in the wee hours of October 19.

The police are currently looking for the accused. However, he remains untraceable at the moment. The incident happened at 3 AM in the parking lot of their apartment. A video of the incident was caught by a CCTV installed in the parking lot.

According to the video, Yasmin Mishra was trying to talk to her husband through the window of the Mercedes-Benz GLA. The husband escaped from the spot and ran over the legs of the woman. He sped away from the parking lot without stopping. Yasmin’s legs were stuck under the front wheels and she fell to the ground.

Bollywood producer runs over wife with Mercedes Benz GLA luxury SUV: Caught on CCTV

The wife has now filed a complaint and has accused Kamal Kishore of adultery in the FIR. According to Bandopant Bansode, senior police inspector, at Amboli police station,

“The victim has registered a complaint in which she has said that her husband was committing adultery and he deliberately ran his car over her while escaping the spot after the confrontation. We are looking for the accused and an investigation is underway”

Bollywood producer runs over wife with Mercedes Benz GLA luxury SUV: Caught on CCTV

The victim Yasmin is stable. However, she suffered injuries to both her legs and right hand as the car went over her. Yasmin came out looking for Kamal Kishore in the wee hours. She found that Kamal Kishore was with another woman in the Mercedes-Benz GLA that was parked in the society’s parking lot. As soon as Yasmin confronted him, he tried to escape. Yasmin is also an actress.

Case registered

The police have registered a case based on the FIR. According to the police, several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) are applicable. The sections inside 279 (rash driving) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others), at Amboli Police Station. Mishra recently produced a movie called ‘Dehati Disco’.

Running over others in a car is a serious offence and Kamal Kishore can get arrested too. However, the police have updated that the person remains untraceable but they are continuing to look for the producer in different areas of the city. The CCTV footage will be a piece of strong evidence in the case whenever the accused is found.

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