Boney Kapoor’s Toyota Innova bathed in milk & curd by fans at Valimai movie’s premiere

India is a land of emotions, and when it comes to their love for movies and film celebrities, South Indian movie buffs take that emotion to an altogether different level. From making idols of their beloved actors to queueing up for their first-day-first-shows, South Indian movie fans have always had crazy affection for the movie actors. One such unique, or rather bizarre, incident happened with renowned film producer Boney Kapoor when he arrived for a premier show at a theatre.

The whole incident happened outside a theatre in Chennai, where Boney Kapoor, actress Huma Qureshi and actor Kartikeya arrived in a Toyota Innova on the premier show of a Tamil movie “Valimai”. When Boney Kapoor arrived at the venue, the huge crowd of fans welcomed his Toyota Innova by pouring curd and milk on the whole vehicle.

Way of showing love by the fans

Boney Kapoor’s Toyota Innova bathed in milk & curd by fans at Valimai movie’s premiere

In a very short time, the entire Innova was covered with layers of curd and milk. The fans tried to show their love and praises for the movie and the celebrities associated with the movie. There was a huge crowd surrounding the vehicle, which troubled the celebrities inside the Innova to get out of it. Boney Kapoor somehow managed to step out of the car, greet the movie fans by waving his hands and thanked him for the love showered on him and the movie. The Innova here was not of Boney Kapoor’s but is registered in the name of Jesraj, who happens to be an aide of Kapoor.

It is a one-of-a-kind gesture, which has never happened before for any celebrity. While the intent of fans for showing the love for the movie was indeed honest, the idea they opted to showcase their emotions was a very bizarre one, something which was never seen before.

The whole video of a huge crowd pouring and throwing milk and curd on the Innova of Boney Kapoor soon became viral. Many netizens expressed their opinions through comments on the video. While some people called it crazy, some said it was bound to happen for the immense love and praises the movie has garnered in pre-launch days.

Starring Tamil actor Ajith Kumar, who also happens to be a renowned motorcyclist, “Valimai” is a new Tamil movie. It is produced by Boney Kapoor-backed Bayview Projects LLP, in collaboration with Zee Studios. Apart from Tamil, the movie has launched in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.