Bootlegger celebrates his jail release in a Jaguar-led luxury car convoy: Arrested again

Gujarat is a dry state for many years now. However, there are still bootleggers who will illegally smuggle alcohol into the state. In Surat, a notorious bootlegger Ishwar Vafodiya was released on temporary bail. The videos of him celebrating the occasion by taking out a procession became viral soon after his release. The police have arrested him again.

The bootlegger identified as Ishwar Vanfodia, who got arrested for waving an illegal revolver to the sub-panchayat of Wankaneda village was released on temporary bail. Soon his followers gathered outside the jail to celebrate the temporary bail. Soon, the videos of Ishwar standing out of the sunroof of a Jaguar sedan became viral on the internet.

The video shows the bootlegger waving around while there is a convoy of cars including a Mahindra Scorpio with a beacon flasher on top. The convoy was also playing songs at an extremely loud level to attract the crowd. Looking at the crowd, it does not seem like that they were afraid of anyone.

The convoy was held in Antroli village, which is around 11 km from Surat. The convoy also burst crackers on the way. After the video became viral on the Internet, the police swung into action to arrest the bootlegger.

Surat police arrested him again

Bootlegger celebrates his jail release in a Jaguar-led luxury car convoy: Arrested again

Surat Police have arrested the bootlegger again. They have put the charges of violation of the public notice that prohibits public gatherings and travelling in groups. Vanfodiya was out on temporary bail for six days. The court granted him bail because his wife is due for the delivery of a child. Vanfodiya was in jail due to various offences. He is known for his love for high-end cars and motorcycles.

This is not the first instance when the police have arrested someone who celebrated bail or coming out of jail. In the past, Pune Police arrested a noted gangster Gajanan Marne, who celebrated his end of jail term with hundreds of people in a convoy that blocked the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Such celebrations are not uncommon in India. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and new rules that urge the public to remain socially distant from each other such acts come to notice very quickly. Car convoys and travelling in full capacity in four-wheelers is still banned according to the prohibitions by the government to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bootlegging is a major offence in Gujarat. Every other day, the cops catch cars loaded with alcohol. In fact, many people have come up with ideas to hide the alcohol safely and away from the eyes of the cops too.

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